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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Pencils and inks by Vitali Iakovlev
colours by me

Back to work this week after my 6 week summer break (that seemed to be over about 5 minutes after it started, it went that quickly…) so back to doing something simple and straight forward while the first week of teaching at school gets off to its usual hectic start.


Pencils by Ian Richardson
inks by James Goodwin

Now available for pre - order from places such as -->

Available on shelves in May 2016


pencils by Gibson Quarter
inks by Rich Bonk

I got paid for this one! My first paying commission as a result of (finally) joining Facebook last month… Hmmm, maybe I should have done that years ago…?



Pencils by Jay de foy
Inks by Kieran squires

Lately I’ve felt I’ve been rushing my pictures. Too busy looking at the next pic to do, or having to get stuff done either for or in between a commission. So, I took more time on this one, fiddling with this and that over the space of a week to 10 days.

The curving background was a fortuitous accident. I had the clouds etc done and accidentally hit the ‘sphere’ filter… and ta-dahh!


Pencils by Joe Benitez
Inks by Victor Llamas

colours by me

My new most favourite person on the internet is Tatiana Dykes who sent graciously sent me a whole stack of high res scans from her comicartfans collection after she saw my coloured art posted on Facebook!! :slight_smile:

This was one of them. A collectors cover of The Magdalena. I cut my teeth in colouring Topcow stuff when I first started colouring for a hobby but haven’t had much new to work with for the past few years after I ran out of lineart to do. Then Tatiana sent me this one!!! :slight_smile: I haven’t coloured Maggie for a while and it was a real treat to just go ‘old school’ on the colours.

I have a stack of others from her including a couple of Fathom pics, which is another character I haven’t done for ages. I got Mike Turner, Randy Green, Tony Davies… it was like Christmas for lineart! :slight_smile:


pencils and inks by Eric Johnson
colours by me

Now available for pre-order from such places as -->

Available June 2016


Pencils by Mike Turner
Inks by James Goodwin
Colour by me

Another exclusive highres lineart provided to me by collector Tatiana Dykes who owns the original pencils. As far as I know this has never been coloured before as Mike Turner drew it as a one-off commission piece… so, Yay!

The swirly water took FOREVER to flat because there are no closed lines…anywhere…



pencils by Diego Bernard
inks by Alisson Coehlo (who is male btw…)
colours by me

This has been put on the back burner a few times as I did other pictures and various commissions, but now its finally done…


Pencils by Jason Fabok, inks by Matt James

So I saw the colours to this one from Gestalt Publishing --> and just had to find something to give them a go on (as close as would be suitable), so chose this Fathom picture for which I got the pencils from Tatiana Dykes and which had just been inked for me by Matt James…


Pencils by John Royle, inks by ‘eeschwar’

John saw my coloured stuff on my facebook page and kindly volunteered some high res inks for me to have a play with making him one of my favouritist people ever!! :slight_smile: . This is the first of them.

I had all sorts of hassle determining the best background colours for the picture. These made Natalia pop the best IMO


What the hell is wrong with that woman’s waistline?

Is that a Kardashian?

(The colours are lovely, Sean! :laughing: )


pencils by Jim Cheung and inks by “Dell”

I’ve had this on my HDD for a few years now. Thought it’d be a suitable time to colour it up. It pretty much follows the published colours (by…???) as I’m mad busy at work so just wanted to knock it out.



Pencils by Stanley 'Artgerm" Lau and colour by me

Stan is running a colouring contest at the moment so here’s my effort. Not gonna win of course, but damm it was fun to do!

Link to the contest details -->



One of my favorite pieces I’ve seen from you, Sean.


Pencils by Eric Johnson

These covers seem to be my regular gig at Zenescope now. At least they’re pretty easy to do and I get paid the same as for something more complicated!

now out for pre order


Pencils by Joe Benitez, inks by Joe Weems

Waayyyy back in 2003 I coloured this one up after finding the low res (but large scaled) B&W’s on the character owner’s website of (Parker Smart) At the time I coloured it in a marathon 14 hour single sitting and it was the best I could do back then (see the second picture here) I referenced the original colours by John Rauch at the time.
I even got this picture published as part of a paying how-to tutorial in the book “Digital Sci Fi Art” by Mike Burns (With Parker’s formal permission of course. Find it on, I’m on page 128/129…) which was one of my very first paying gigs ever!

Fast forward to 2016 and I find my coloured picture posted up on Parker Smart’s facebook page here. I “Like” them of course and make a comment that I’d like to give it another go if I could get the highres B&W’s off him. Parker Smart remembers who I am and fires off the highres inks.

So I’ve spent the 3-day weekend here in Western Australia colouring them up once again. This time just referencing my 2002 colours and trying my best to fix the errors and such made 14 years ago. (probably got a bunch of different errors in it now… :stuck_out_tongue: )



Pencils by Jonathon Moreno
Inks by Chance Wolf
Colours by me

Commission picture for Jonathon…


Dear god that’s some incredible work!


:slight_smile: :smiley:


Pencils and flats by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Just a colour study on Artgerm’s Hinata pic following his own colour scheme.