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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Pencils and inks by Art Thibert


pencils and inks by Pasquale Qualano

colour by me…

Nice and easy Cinderella for this month! But she’s somehow got her hands on Robyn Hood’s bow…

Now out in previews from places such as -->–Qualano/15111588
Available January 2016

I’ll have an “Escape from Monster Island” for next month. Prison walls and LOTS of skeletons!


I like the skin tones in this one.

Drippy green bones?


Pencils by David finch
Inks by matt James

It’s been 2 years since I last did a David finch pic!


pencils and inks by David Lorenzo Riveiro

LOTS and lots of skeletons!! Plus I’m quite chuffed about how I got the rusty steel doors to look which was a specific part of the brief. I actually coloured this one twice in effect as this was my original idea with the mysterious red sky, but the guys at Zenescope wanted me to do a clear blue sky as well, so I did (see it here --> Personally I always thought this was the better version of the two.

Now out in previews for February 2016 -->

Nothing for next month from me for Zenescope as I got passed over for colouring stuff for November (dammit…) so here’s hoping for something in December… crosses fingers



One of your best! I looked closely at the lighting on all them bones, and I do believe you nailed it. Nice!


Pencils by Dmitry grebenkov
Inks and colours by me…

This took way longer than it probably should have…!


Sean, I know you do this professionally for Zenescope, but the majority of these pictures you post (such as the last one)… you do just do these for yourself, for fun?

Just curious.


Yup. Unless it says in the comments that I got paid or that its for Zenescope, then I’ve just done them for fun.


September Mourning

pencils by Marc Silvestri
inks by Matt James

Just a quick one while I’m in the middle of end of year reports and marking for work (bleah…) Plus its been absolutely AGES since I did a Marc Silvestri picture and this will be the first I’ve done of his in his current sketchy style of drawing (makes it easy though… just slap colours on roughly and they look good!)

For those interested, the background lighting effect is flamepainter squiggles with the motion blur filter run though it.



pencils by Mike Dibalfo
inks by Will Egli

I’ve been working on the colours to these off and on for most of this year. Finally done!



Pencils by Marc Silvestri
Inks by Matt James
Colour by me…

Not quite the Christmas spirit or theme, but… there ya go. shrugs

Getting my grunge on with this one…

Christmas version… Imagine having her come down the chimney and only then finding out you’re on the naughty list…


Pencils and inks by David Nakayama
Colours by Me

A few months ago when I got a copy of the book “Digital Painting Techniques Vol 4.” from there was a tutorial/how to written up by Dave Nakayama in it. “Well whattya know?!” I thought. “I just happen to have Dave’s email address!. Perhaps I might give him a heads up for the lineart…!?”

So I did… :slight_smile:

And Dave being the extremely nice guy that he is went digging into his archives and found the inks. We had a bit of trouble getting them to me as my email simply wouldn’t recognise his hotmail account or vice versa his hotmail wouldn’t recognise my email, but eventually we sorted it out after 3 attempts (gmail to the rescue!!!..)

So, here it is . All coloured for better or worse :slight_smile:

(BTW - I can’t share the lineart as part of the deal, so sorry about that…)

Background technical brushes are by nickmeister, basstar and ners on



pencils by Marat Mychaels
inks by Matt James

The Phantom is pretty huge down here in Australia. The strip has been running weekly in the Sunday Times newspaper for as long as I’ve been alive, so that’s 48 years now and I remember that there used to be a Phantom comic included in the various showbags at the annual Royal Show (a week long fun fair and exhibition at a dedicated show grounds location) here in Perth. I know I had heaps of them but have never ever gone out and bought one in the actual shop.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to colour up a Phantom picture so when Matt inked this one up (with a little encouragement from me to do it…) I just jumped all over it.



Phantom has been a favorite for a long time. Good to see!


pencils and inks by Marcel Zero
colours by me

This was a quick one and following up that Phantom picture I did last in my ‘doing characters from comics of old’ theme I seem to be stuck on at the moment! Keeping it simple overall and while I was doing it I was getting that real old serial comics feel with a touch of Bill Waterson on the the colouring… :slight_smile: Well anyway, that’s what it felt like to me regardless of what it eventually looks like.



Kilgrave the Ape Man!


Pencils by Stanley Artgerm Lau

Done for his Facebook competition. I think it looks ok but then Artgerm will colour this for himself on Monday 25th 2016 as a public demonstration and show everyone just how much like ass my efforts look :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never thought I’d ever catch myself colouring a ‘sailor moon’ picture…! Not really my thing normally. The hair took a while…



pencils and inks by che rigas

This one has been a long time coming (geddit?..time?..ha!, I kill me… sigh)

Back in July or so I saw the lineart to this on and asked Che for the highres. After a week or 3 he saw the comment, agreed and emailed me the lineart.

I then set about colouring it but as usual got distracted, sidetracked, had commission work come up… and so this kept getting set aside. But I kept coming back to it after finishing other stuff and fiddling with here and there. She started off with a standard steampunk colour scheme, changed to forest greens ala robin hood, and then finally ended up like this! Because I worked on it in such a start stop manner the colouring consistency suffers a bit, but I think I’ve fixed most of the glaring mis-matches.



However you got there it’s a really interesting mix of colors. It rather “makes sense” as a perceived palette. All the watch color provides good contrast.