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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


'nother good one, Sean. I like the way Vinz drew his face as well. And I had to laugh - you’ve heard of overly cautious people described as “belt AND suspenders” people? Looks like Riddler is much the same - glasses AND goggles! :smile_cat:


Pencils and inks by Eric Johnson
The final cover for this series by Zenescope! Now out in pre order



Very distracted by humorous cover! Okay, maybe it’s just me, I always found horror movies funny and comedies tragic.

Nice job!


Pencils by Andrey Lunatik
Inks by Matt James

This took weeks… literally weeks to get done… I started it by flatting the inks done by :iconlauranel: which were ok-ish and was just about ready to start on the shading after 3 nights of flatting, when Matt posted his better inks.

So I tried to just copy and paste the flats I already had into Matt’s inks hoping they’d fit enough with only a small amount of adjustment. Did they fit? No… they did not… So I started flatting it all over again. Another 3 mights down.

Then the shading. At first I was going to for an E.V.E Protomecha look to it all ala Liquid! from a few years back (I’m sure you know the one…) but that didn’t work. The detail in the drawing just made it look muddy. The biggest hassle was trying to separate the elements out of all that teeny tiny detail in the inks.

So after some fiddling which took a whole night in itself, I decided to follow the colour selections of a “Cici” picture I had done way back in 2002

After that it was just a matter of making sure I got all the bits, and there were a LOT of bits!!!

You seriously have to be committed to want to colour one of Andrey’s pics, because sure as heck afterwards you will be “committed” (*rocks gently in the corner going “I’m ok, I’m ok…”) :slight_smile:



Came up with a new background to the same x-23 that appears above


Incredible job! Love it


Pencils and inks by Daniel Leister

Now out in solicits for August 2015 -->

Not entirely happy with the skintones on this one. I have a cool Cinderella cover for next month though!


Maybe a bit more yellow in the skin tones? I agree, just a wee bit off, and that may be from wanting to see that yellow lightning giving color to the skin (even though the bolts are behind them). Perhaps imagining a second bolt in front of them (unseen to viewer) would alter the tone.

Bah! The kids will still buy it! There are boobs!


pencils by mike debalfo
inks by ‘lahmiaraven’ on

This was fun! :slight_smile:



Pencils and inks by Emilio Laiso, colours by me

Cover for Zenescope Cinderella 10th Anniversary cover B. Available September 2015



pencils by J Scott Campbell
inks by J Skipper

This has been sitting on the HDD for months now half done. But since I’m avoiding colouring the last page of a commission right now (because it’s page 10 and I’m getting bored with them… and there’s no deadline), I decided to finish it off :stuck_out_tongue:



pencils by Kevin McCoy
inks by Jeff Graham

Freakin’ sick… again, as usual it seems… on my term break holidays. So in between generally spacing out and trying to rest I’ve finished this one off. Kev and Jeff would notice that I’ve changed the bikini a wee bit to make it more PG-13 but that’s because I don’t want to have to put a mature tag on this or spend some time explaining myself to the Principal of the school I work at if the kiddies should see it. I also added the tattoos following the John Carter movie as I thought those were a neat idea. (I actually liked the movie) Tattoo is a design by “Teemunkle” whose DeviantArt account is now deactivated.


Pencils and inks by Tyler Kirkham

Colours by me

Original published colours by Arif Prianto.


pencils by DmitryGrebenkov

Dmitry sent me the pencils to this a few years ago and they consisted solely of the girl. The background I had to make completely from scratch for the first time ever and took AGES! I modeled it on his version of this picture as I was learning as I was going. Not as good as his of course, but it’ll do…

Lots of credits in this as well. All found on

Chain-link and barbwire fence brushes are by redheadstock
Peeling paint and rusty metal texture are by grungetextures
Rose tattoos outlines are by vikingtattoo
Bloody handprint by enchantedgal-stock
Blood splatter texture by ienigmagraphics
Hibiscus flower on her ‘Party Girl’ top by 1shotandree

The German electric fence sign was found on google images (Why in German? Why not, besides it was already rusty and beatup…)



Pencils by Dmitry Grebenkov
Inks by James Goodwin

I was approached by to contribute a tutorial for a new book they are publishing on A Beginners Guide to Comic Art. After bandying some ideas back and forth about what I could write about (many of my faourite pencillers and inkers were approached about myself being able to use their pictures that I have coloured in the past for this) we finally agreed that I use the pencils for this picture. Dmitry was fine with this of course.

I then got the pencils inked up by James who dropped everything and inked it up for me literally overnight and I coloured it up on the weekend.

The book is now available for pre order from Amazon. See the link below There’s no firm date for publication on the book itself just yet. It’s still being written obviously…

More information about 3DTotal and the books they produce at They have lots of others about digital art and “how to” on their store.



How excellent for you, Sean! Congrats!


pencils by Dawn McTeigue
inks by Nikki Andrews
colours by me…


pencils by Ken Hunt
inks by Tom Schloendorn

Between some book stuff I’ve been doing and this months Zenescope cover, I’ve been working on this off and on for about 3 weeks. But now. here it is… I’ve been blending the new movie look WW with her more traditional costume



I really like the pallette here, Sean. Obviously WW is wearing a traditionally-colored costume, an it is the light and quality of light that affects the color. That’s masterful work! I may like this the best of those you’ve posted. Too much hanky-panky with movie colors, mostly since Peter Jackson’s use of blues and greens. Looks like BvS is using a sepiatone pallette, and then using color timing to make colors pop.

Give yourself five extra points and a smiley face on your latte!


Pencils by Paolo Pantalena
Inks by James Goodwin
Colour by me

Hmmm… How to colour a picture that is, for all purposes, meant to be entirely in black and white as per the film?.. And, just to rub it in, make it a character that dresses all in black, and then because the poor colourist hasn’t suffered enough, let’s make it at night!

Colour it as normal, and then desaturate the heck out of it!! :slight_smile:

Btw for those who speak Japanese, I hope I got the bit above her blue belt correct. :stuck_out_tongue: (The stuff on the bottom part is just gibberish though…)