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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Sean, have you coloured any sequential art? ,Actions scenes?
Just curious is all.


Now and then… but I’m more a pinup/cover fan as you can see


pencils by Mannix Francisco, inks by Matt James and fan colours by me.

(Originally published by Big Dog Ink and colours by Kris Chua)


pencils by Marc Silvestri, inks by Matt ‘Batt’ Banning and fan colours by me


pencils and inks by Nelson deCastro and colours by me.

Commission piece for Joe Naftali


pencils by Izoneto Sousa
inks by Matt James
colours by me


pencils by Eric ‘Ebas’ Basaldua
inks by Matt ‘Batt’ Banning
fan colours by me

I got the highres inks to this one off Steve Firchow over a decade ago and they’ve been sitting on my HDD ever since. Thought it was about time I gave them a go on the colours.


Dude… you rock this stuff!!


Of course I do :stuck_out_tongue:


pencils and inks by Tyler Kirkham, colours by me


What a cool palette! Sword is kind of the exact opposite of Stormbringer / Mournblade, huh?


Whatever that is… shrugs


Darkness 2012 - redux
Pencils and inks by Joe Weems, colours by me.

I originally coloured this one back in 2011 for Joe as a submission to Topcow for Darkness #101. At the time I did a green backgrounded version and an orange version. Neither was accepted and they eventually went with a cover by the boss Marc Silvestri…

Fast forward to this week, and someone suggested to me it might look nice in purple. So I dug out the old master .psd file abnd did a few minutes work adjusting the colours. It came out quite nicely I think! :slight_smile:




actually purple was a very good choice :slight_smile:
Odd that they have such an amazing piece and not able to use it somehow


pencils by Bleu Taylor
inks by Dan Prado
colours by me

That red cloak took a while…! (just to flat much less colour it…)


pencils and inks by Anthony Spay
colours by me

Frew Publishing may pick this one up for a trading card, so look out for it! :slight_smile:


pencils by Randy Green, dodgy inks and fan colours by me…

Mucked around forever on the background with this one trying various blues and purples. Nothing was working so eventually just did some cloud stuff over the same base colour scheme as the original published colours.


Pencils by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau
Vastly inadequate colours by me… :slight_smile:

I have no idea who this character is (and don’t really care either mind…) but it’s rare-as-hen’s-teeth highres Artgerm lineart so coloured it up.


Awesome as usual. I especially like that colouring job on Spawn.