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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Genuinely beautiful work.


pencils by Nat Jones
inks by Rich Bonk
colours by me…


You forgot to include “inspiration by Frazetta”. :grinning:




I didn’t draw it, just the colours which are mine.



pencils and inks by Harvey Tolibao
colours by me


Pencils and inks by Richard Bonk and colours by me

Red Sonja drawn in a Barry Windsor Smith style by Rich and after I went and looked him up saw that the colours done to his pictures were usually pretty… relaxed…(?), so did the same with these. Well, that was the intent anyway.


I really like this one - both the art and the color choices. Really makes it look like Sonja is having quite the problem with the rocks. And the chain mail is solid, too!


pencils by Mike Debalfo
inks by Matt James
colours by me

Everyone does a witch on a broom at night, so I did her at sunset just to be different. Fun excuse to use a green/orange colour scheme too :slight_smile:


pencils and inks by Tyler Kirkham
colours by me


pencils by JS Campbell and inks by Jerry Skipper, with colours by me.

Mad busy at the teaching day job so it’s probably just going to be simple character pinups like this from me for a while.


Awesome colours.


pencils by Nicola Scott and inks by Doug Hazlewood, with colours by me

Remember how I said a few weeks ago I was only going to have time for some simple character shots and pinups for a while? Well, then this one popped up in my email… :slight_smile:


Has Nicola seen this?


Yeah, I sent her a message on Facebook with a link to the full sized highres colours


That looks awesome. I’m curious what program/tools you use? Not the type of colouring I want to do, but I do admire it.



Just photoshop


That Ebas always resounded with me! The first published colored version was already awesome and the lateron re-colored piece printed in another comic or on a cover was also top notch

You sir… you belong with the best!


Pencils by “Styloide”, inks by Brian Selby

Just a quick fun one to do