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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Pardon the phrasing, but I really like the leather!


Awesome Sean!! I’d love to see what you do color wise with this Skeletor (after finished).



The texture you put on the clothing is fantastic. (I’m assuming that is done in the colouring?).


Yeah, it’s all just plain lines for the original black and white picture. Everything else is me


That Skeletor might be fun


Wow. Seeing that has given me a new appreciation for what you do. Fantastic work.


It really illustrates (pun not intended) why colourists deserve equal billing with the other artists in modern comics.


pencils by David Finch
inks by David Rivera
colours by me

I’ve never coloured Spawn before now…


I especially like the way the eyes pop!


Pencils by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau
colours by me


pencils by Jim Lee and inks by Scott Williams, fan colours by me

…just following the published colour scheme in my own way…


The colors are great! The anatomy is some of the worst I’ve ever seen!


Pencils and inks by Billy Tan, colours by me

Channelling my inner-Steigerwald. Well, trying to at any rate… :confused: