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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Pencils by Joe Benitez and inks by Joe Weems
colours by me

I just love colouring Maggie… :slight_smile:

Again I’ve had this on my HDD for a few years. The scan is a bit jaggy if you look up close, (it was probably taken from the Topcow B&W book originally…) but at this size on the interwebs it comes out ok I think.


Love the palette on this one. Not worried about a bit of squiggledeness, since it’s the color that’s emphasized.

Now let’s see some skin tones from other than white folks.


pencils and inks by Jordan Gunderson
fan art colours by me


pencils by Marc Silvestri and inks by Rick Basaldua

I can’t find this coloured anywhere on DA, google, pinterest… so have no idea how these colours compares to the originals (if it ever has been coloured before…)

UPDATE! - Rick has told me it’s never been coloured before, so that’s why I can’t find it… I’m the first!!! :slight_smile:


Pencils by Randy Green
inks by ‘graphicform’ on d/art
colours by me

OC for Daniel Karhunen. I did a couple of other pinups of Wolalina in this series for his graphic novel back in the day but came across the highres inks on DA so did this one up for fun.