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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


pencils by ken rocafort
inks by james goodwin

Well, 7 years of a continuous thread of coloured art wiped due to the forum change over, so I guess I’ll just have to start from scratch…

Here’s my latest :smile:


Millarworld is dead. Long live Millarworld.


Nothing can defeat Sean’s thread!


damm straight… :smile:


I can’t even keep saying “Great!” “Cool!” all the time.

I just want warning of when you leave us for the pro world. :crying_cat_face:


Is that a crying cat?


That is indeed a crying cat.


Just checking. :sunny:


I’m doing regular stuff for Zenescope already. Is that pro enough?


Pencils = max Dunbar
Inks = vitali Iakovlev

Ever since Lucy had finally gone too far in her quest for power and launched the nuclear apocalypse, Charlie Brown had roamed the wastes watching his Peanuts gang being whittled down one by one until only he and his faithful beagle; Snoopy IV were left… But he would never give up, never. Not until he found the little red haired girl.

She was out there… somewhere…


See? You come back just to tell me you’re leaving me! You cold-hearted ruthless bastard! It’s another writer, isn’t it? You’ve been seeing another writer behind my back! Who is this wretch? Tell me, so I may pummel them severely about the head and shoulders!


pencils by J S Campbell
inks and flats by Jeremiah Skipper

I just had a simple “Grimms Tales of Terror” cover to do for Zenescope this month so have been able to finish this one off fairly quickly. It also helped being home sick from work for 2 days over the past week :slight_smile:

Nothing special about the overall colours. I used the original published colours by Nei Ruffino as a reference and originally tried doing this one with cool blues and ‘night’ colours for the background. Yeah, well that didn’t work, so I reverted it all back to what you see here… Ahh well. Just shows that Nei really knows what she’s doing…


pencils = Vandeilson da Silva
inks = Don Ho

a quick one for the weekend…

Zenescope covers - available June 2015

pencils = marat mychaels
inks = dan prado

pencils and inks by Eric Johnson



pencils by Andrey Lunatik
inks by Vitali Iakovlev

Just colouring this one as a straight old school circa 2001 Aphrodite IX, channelling my inner Steve Firchow :slight_smile:

The hair took a while…


When i saw the thread and clicked on it I had the sudden impression “Sean’s going to do something in green”. Bingo! Don’t know how that happened, but it gave me a chuckle.


Ok, smartie pants… what’s the overall colour scheme to my next picture then…? :smile:


It’s gonna be a yellow circle with two little curved black lines for eyes in the middle and a black and white smiling mouth.

…hey, I was right!


Yellow and orange to pep up a white background, maybe something Steranko-ish?

I don’t know! You get one tiny psychic flare…


well… it so happens that the next picture does have yellow… and orange… in it…

so what are the winning numbers for next week’s lotto…?..?


pencils by Vinz El Tabanas

somewhat dodgy digital inks by me!!!

I just love the expression in his face on this one. :slight_smile:

I’ve put the highres inks up on my website for people to get hold of if you want them -->