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Sean Grave - First issue (FREE)


Continuing the discussion from Sean Grave Comic (WIP):

I finished my first comic - I have never really done anything like this, I wanted to focus on something I could finish with what I had available. It follows Sean Grave an office junior, working in Glasgow, what he gets up to when he’s not doing that and it’s free.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to get your feedback


Forgot to say, I read this the other day while I was working - good first issue! Enough to intrigue, but without giving us too much right away.
Look forward to more and finding out what Sean’s deal is.
I like the art, kind of reminds of Millarworld’s own Micheal Rea.


Thanks Ell! I’ll need to check out Micheal’s work.

I also thought i’d post a wee preview page,


Been working on some promotional stuff as well,