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Sean Grave Comic (WIP)


Hey - I have been working on my first comic project, it’s based around a character called Sean Grave (set in Glasgow). I have written / storyboarded a few short issues but my inking needs work. I thought I would post some test illustrations and see if anyone has any advice/feedback.


Sean Grave - First issue (FREE)

Very nice Gavin, I like the grainy effect, show us some more.


I quite like the art in general, but I’d need to see more sequentials to make any sort of story judgment. I won’t comment on the art per se because I would not be speaking out of my mouth (I just know what I like). I do like the way the mask sits a bit off center in the first panel, and the anatomy and positioning.

Good stuff!


Its cool. You’ve obviously got the hang of drawing figures and cloth, and have a good cinematic sense to the opening there.

The lack of backgrounds really hurts this as a story though. I know backgrounds are a pain, but if you limit them to an establishing shot and just add a few details in the smaller panels it adds so much to a strip. Glasgow’s an awesome looking city. Use photo-ref, trace over it, compose it with outlines and gradients like a Colin Baxter photo. “Cheat” in whatever way makes it easier, but it’ll be worth it. It gets to be fun too.

You’re using ellipses for lettering. I’d recommend more of a flour-bag shape. If you imagine morphing between a rectangle and an ellipse, that’s what you get. Have a look at most comics on the shelf, the speech bubbles look like elllipses that have been squeezed a bit top to bottom and left to right. I made this switch with my comic a while back and its made lettering so much easier. The text fits inside the bubbles with less flddling around, and the bubbles obscure less of the artwork.

Keep on going - you’re off to a good start.


I finished the first draft of my first comic - i’ll hopefully get a chance to post the full thing here soon…


Looking good! Simple, but still distinctive and eye-catching. As has been said, the grainy/weathered look’s a good touch.