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SDCC teaser trailer for Civil War movie


I’m kinda over the Avengers now, but I’m excited about this for two reasons and they’re both called Russo.



It’s a bit too brief to think much at all but I did love the last Cap film so hopes are high.


The link says it’s a fake? Apparently Marvel isn’t doing SDCC this year so it makes sense.

Still excited about the movie though. Should be as much an Avengers movie as AoU was, and with a bit more of an interesting premise.


It’s a fake chief.

But, I thoroughly expect the movie to be amazing.


Ah, seemed kinda brief and minus a money shot. I trust the Russos to do something great with this!



Ha ha yes, I’d forgotten that and also SDCC hasn’t started yet. Otherwise it is very plausible. :smile:


Why isn’t Marvel doing SDCC? That seems odd with so many movies in the pipeline.


I think it was just a timing thing. From what Feige said, it seems like Ant Man will already be so close to release that there’s not much more to say to promote it, and other stuff is a bit too far off to tease properly yet.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fairly lukewarm reaction last year, when people were hoping for Strange or Captain Marvel announcements and didn’t get them.

To be honest, Marvel is big enough now that they probably don’t need to fight for attention there with everyone else - they can announce things their own way (as with that event late last year) and still get all the headlines.


They’ve skipped it before, in 2011, it seems to be when they have a lot of movies in pre-production, but don’t want to rush anything just for SDCC.


By next year they should have enough new material to put on a hell of a show.

Of course, it gives Warner Bros a clear field, so I’m sure they’re delighted by the decision.


I’m loving this Deadpool EW cover for SDCC.


I just love the way they’ve made his eyes so expressive. It looks like a live-action cartoon, which should fit the character perfectly.


They’re going to have to animate them.

Which I believe they did, in the test footage?


Yeah, I seem to remember that photos from the set showed mocap dots around the eyes.