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SDCC 2017 stuff (announcements, comic gossip, cosplay, etc.)


Top news from SDCC weekend for me:


  • Frank Miller & JR jr on Superman: Year One

  • Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham on Arkham Asylum 2

  • Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette on Wonder Woman: Earth One

  • Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill on LoEG v.4: The Tempest


  • Thor: Ragnarok trailer

  • Avengers: Infinity War details

  • Justice League trailer

  • Spawn movie deal


  • Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time trailer

  • Stranger Things season two trailer (I must finish the first soon)

  • Westworld season two trailer


I can’t help but feel the Arkham Asylum 2 is a bit of a branding con. From all the commentary it is just a continuation of their recent Batman run.

Which is okay really as for me the appeal of the original book was 90% McKean’s painting.


I agree, especially given the description of the story.

I guess DC are just cashing in on the name, and Arkham Asylum is a pretty high-profile name. Between the recent Dark Knight sequel and all the Watchmen stuff it feels like they’re being a little more aggressive in exploiting these established properties lately.


No Marvel comic news is eye opening.

The Spawn movie sounds horrible. McFarlane going full Captain Ahab.


On my list, or in general?

I haven’t closely followed Marvel for quite a while now and didn’t hear anything over this weekend to particularly excite me.


Actually compared to the last couple of years any comics news was surprising, they tend to skip it.
Maybe for good reason, the Miller Superman story was over a day old before it made its way here and everyone was sharing movie trailers within 2 minutes of them being posted on Youtube.


Marvel had several panels didn’t they? The House of Ideas just didn’t seem to have many ideas.

Crazy though that the biggest comic news is a retelling book by two guys in their 60’s.


Panels can just as easily be Q and A chat as news. I did read through the summary of the Cup o Joe one. The only ‘news’ was Miracleman is still in the works for new material but delayed as Buckingham is working slowly and redrawing some Silver Age bits.


I heard tell DiDio and Lee did a “the sky is falling” panel about the end of comics as we know them. I’m sure that encouraged the comics fans.


The sky is falling. I’ve been saying so for the last couple of years.


So what we have here is a fairy tale problem.

When does the Boy Who Cried Wolf become Chicken Little?

Who listens to Cassandra?


Didn’t get my Legion of Superheroes announcement. Just going to sulk and bitch all summer. Jerks.



Possibly a reference that only British and Irish people will get.


I certainly did not! :smiley:


You say that now, but did you not hear about next year’s Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes panels?

Keith Giffen, Paul Levitz, Jim Shooter, Mark Waid and Tom King, in a panel discussion, moderated by the ghost of Otto Binder?

Followed by the exclusive announcement of the LoSH return to DC continuity in a weekly series, co-written by Jonathan Hickman and Tom King?


I assume you’ve already had some responses downthread that I’ve not read yet, but I think there been some pretty exciting announcements this year.

I do wish it was more comic focussed though.
The movies and tv stuff is all a bit ‘meh’ for me. It’s hit saturaction point there and it’s all got a bit hit and miss.
Once you’ve seen a whole bunch of the shows and movies there’s no longer a buzz about seeing your favourite characters on tv and it just boils down to whether it’s going to be any good or not.

Rarely is a comic book show or movie amoung my favourites for the year.