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SDCC 2017 stuff (announcements, comic gossip, cosplay, etc.)


I did not see a thread on it so I thought I would develop this thread to deposit all the news, gossip, and cosplay pics from SDCC…

Exciting eh?


Millar’s influence extends…


Hit squad from the CW shows.


Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot and some dude.




I hate to be that guy, but from a comic book perspective, when was the last time that you were genuinely excited by SDCC?

I remember back in the good old days (when we were back on the DC Message Boards) San Diego was massive. It was where all the big comic book news would hit, and each company was desperate to top each other.

Nowadays, the best thing about it is the digital sales on Comixology!

Sure. There have been some cool announcements this year. Ennis’ Punisher; Waid’s Captain America; Morrison’s Arkham Asylum sequel.

But, have you got that buzz that you used to get from SDCC?


The comics guys have made no to few announcements in recent years because they get drowned out by the movie stuff. So NYCC or Chicago tend to generate more interest from that perspective


I’ve never felt that way about SDCC, to be honest.


Yeah, but you’re just a curmudgeonly old contrarian, Lorcan! :wink:


I’m not old!


Yeah, I know. It’s just disappointing that the world’s most famous (if not biggest) Comic-Con has so little comic book worthy news these days.




Funnily enough the wife’s been promising to send me Stateside for a Con almost as long as I’ve known her. SDCC was the one we always used to talk about. I’ve told her that’s a waste of time now, and I’d rather do NYCC. It’s going to happen in the next year or two … :laughing:


I don’t mind the movies and TV stuff. I just wish they’d be some comic stuff at Comic-Con too :wink:


You should do C2E2 in Chicago. Jim and I met up there last year. It’s a really great show and still growing.

I would like to try Angouleme someday.


I would like to do SDCC, but primarily to go to W00tstock.


These trailers and some of the comics announcements are intriguing to me, but I’m probably most excited for the It trailer this week.


I love to be that guy :wink: so honestly, never. Before I joined MW and saw some discussion about it, it wasn’t even a blip on my radar. I wouldn’t even have been able to tell you which weekend it was on.

Frankly, if you’re not actually going to the con, why should you be excited? Second-hand comic news (that you’ll get first hand from the house ads next week anyway) and maybe some dodgy iPhone footage of a movie trailer that you can barely see and can’t hear over the deranged whoops and squeals?

As an exciting event, SDCC is right up there with washing my socks. And at least washing my socks is slightly useful.


You’re honorary old :wink: