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SDCC 2016 stuff...


So what is happening down there in San Diego?

Any news? Previews? Cosplay pictures? :smile:

If so, please post here. Inquiring minds would like to know…


Waiting on the Wonder Woman panel (1pm Pacific, I think) with Nicola Scott, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins.

And, yeah, there’s stuff happening.

Yep. That’s R’as al Ghul as Squirrel Girl.

Welcome to 2016!

Apparently, Barrowman is everywhere.



Lots of stuff dropping fast. Here’s the Skwad sizzle reel. If someone has posted this, sorry! Busy day!



Let me add this like - I know the JL trailer is up in the DC Movies thread, this is if anyone wants the link within to the huge high-res team photo.


When is the Marvel stuff?


Starting right now.


Marvel has decided not to release any of their clips online.

DC wins this one.


From reading the live-stream and tweets:

Black Panther cast and director make an appearance.

Thor: Ragnarok concept art/skits. Hulk is involved.

Spiderman:Homecoming teaser…sounds like it was fun.

Some nonsense with Guardians, apparently the footage was amazing.


I take it there’s no comic news at San Diego?


They had the Eisners!


Great to see Fade-Out and that Silver Surfer issue get recognised.


I miss Wizard World Chicago being more than a third rate celebrity con. It used to happen right after SDCC and was where all the big comic announcements were made to not be overshadowed by film news.


That’s fantastic. That Silver Surfer issue was mindbendingly good. I loved the photos included in the back of the collection showing how they achieved it. I am huge Dan Slott fan, so I am delighted to see him get the recognition he and the Allreds deserves for that issue.

And congratulations to @seanphillips, who I know posts in here from time to time. I am absolutely delighted for you. The Fade Out is was a brilliant, wonderfully noirish series. Like a lot of people around here, I will buy anything he and Ed Brubaker put out - no questions asked. I have that much confidence that it will be good. And they have never left me down.


Hasn’t that stuff been mostly bumped to the NY Con in October?


Wasn’t quite sure. I love reading comic announcements and was wondering when the next lot were due - although some slight sarcasm knowing fine well what San Diego has become now. Not that I’ve ever been!


Yeah the comics guys have mostly skipped announcing anything at San Diego for a few years as it gets drowned out by trailers. I can’t blame them.


Yeah what he said! :peach::grin:


This was rather delightful!



No point clicking on any of those links - no cosplayers have a hope in hell of beating the Chewie’s Angels @steveuk posted upthread.