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Scottish comic conventions 2018


Glasgow Comic Con weekend after next.


Bought all the Saltire series.

Also got ‘The Mighty Women of Science’ and ‘We Shall Fight Until We Win’.

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Anyone heading to Mark’s Coatbridge con?


I’m tempted

I see there’s face painting so I might take one of the kids as an excuse to go to a con and spend time with them at the same time


If you decide to go then get along to City Center Comic’s asap tomorrow as there are very few tickets left.

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Typically just saw this today when it happened yesterday.

#28 And I’ve mentioned this con earlier, but they’re on next week.

#29 Dunfermline Comic Con has been confirmed for 2019, I’ll have to try to get along to it.

#30 Dunfermline Comic Con’s guest list is up, and is looking mighty impressive. If you want to go though, please get tickets now so that they can make sure (barring acts of nature like last year) that they can go through with it.


Managed to make the pilgrimage to Dunfermline comic con. Best convention I’ve ever been to. Mostly comic creators so very focused on that (very few Funko’s thankfully), but such a welcoming environment, and great to see such a strong event north of the central belt. They’ve set the gold standard for comic cons as far as I’m concerned. Randomly, Colin MacNeil was there as well attending rather than signings, but had a good chat with him as well.

If you can, try to get there next year.


I decided was going to go but ended up heading to Edinburgh instead. Glad you enjoyed it. Colin’s a guest at Edinburgh Comic Con this weekend so I’ll probably grab him at the bar. He’s a lovely fellow.

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