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Scottish comic conventions 2018


Anyone else in Scotland who are able to recommend comic conventions? I live in Aberdeen and reliant on buses to travel, but so far I’m very intrigued with the Dunfermline comic con as Dave McKean will be up along with Jordie Bellaire, John Wanger, and a bunch of others. There’s Granite City Comic Con in Aberdeen, but so far has less and less to do with actual comics (nobody comic-related guest wise yet on their guest list).


@markabnett, finally you are useful…


Hi @DanteC the big ones are as follows

Glasgow Comicon 30 June

Glasgow MCM 23/24 Sep (same weekend as thoughtbubble)

Edinburgh comic con 14-15 April

Edinburgh also has a smaller free to enter con run in November by the Glasgow Con team.

Dumfermlin Is the business as it’s run by Little Shop Of Heroes so it’s all about the creators.

Same can be said for Glasgow con in June.

Also there is a tiny con run by Alan Grant and his wife in moniaive in dumfries and Galloway .
Usually happens end of May and has had the likes of Frank Quietly , John Wagner, Dougie Braithwaite, Monty Nero and many more great talents.
It takes place in a pub and is quite intimate and everyone gets nice and drunk and has a good time.

Basically prepare your liver because all of them are a good night out afterwards.

I’ve heard mixed things about MCM Glasgow and hope as they are being taken over by reed pop who run New York that things may get an overhaul next year.

Also @mattgarvey1981 lick my chocolate salty balls.


I need to try make a couple of these next year.

I managed the 2000ad 40th but that was it.

Always got stuff on the same weekends


Are you near Aberdeen at all? My local comic shop does signings fairly often and has had D’Israeli, Mike Collins, Steve Yeowell and Colin MacNeil up before.
Dunfermline con seems not only more feasible but very desirable for next year.


West Coast - Greenock to be precise