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Scotsman giving away One Thousand Pounds!

Hey folks,

Just a quick one with a big competition we’re launching this morning.

I’m giving away One Thousand Pounds in cash at the end of September to whoever starts up the best new thing in my old neighbourhood between now and September 30th. It’s as simple as that. Start something cool in Townhead, Coatbridge, over the next few months and you could win One Thousand Pounds.

It might be a club for pensioners, it might be a bingo night, it could be a youth club, a book group, a boy scout or girl guide troop, a volunteer gardening rota or even just a fundraiser to help pay for all the electrical work Father O’Kane is doing at St Bartholomew’s. The only specification is that it has to be something that’s a positive addition to the community and this is open to both residents and people from outside of town. Age likewise doesn’t matter. If you’re eight or eighty you have an equal chance of winning. You just have to create something cool. When I was ten I ran a series of jumble sales in the area to raise funds for charity and sold all my old comic-books and if I’d had the chance to win a prize like this I’d have been all over it so don’t let the fact you’re still at school hold you back. A thousand pounds buys an awful lots of sweets and crisps.

Our competition Facebook page will be live this week and you can post your progress and what you’ve achieved in our Good Samaritan competition. Our panel of ten judges will choose the winner and announce their name at the end of September. What’s great is that even if you don’t win you’ve done something to improve things around you and that’s weirdly more fun than the cash. In the eighteen months since my wife and I have been working in Townhead we’ve started our not-for-profit cafe, run a charity comicon, had free kids clubs in the school holidays, free dinners, free pantomimes and shows for pensioners and have a gigantic list of charity events lined up for the rest of this year too. Every one of these has been more exciting and more fulfilling than a Hollywood premiere and I want to see other people getting in on the action now, even if it’s just volunteering at our own events. You only get out of your community what you put into it so you might as well make it awesome.

So good luck! Keep an eye out for more details and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

All the best,
Mark Millar


What a brilliant initiative!

I’m from a similar background to yourself, growing up in a working class town in Lanarkshire in the 1980s, and can see how this will make a real difference to lots of peoples lives.

I am now lucky enough to run my own architecture practice in Glasgow, and would be happy to donate a day’s worth of time, either for one, or split among several of any of the initiatives that would benefit from any architectural guidance on their projects.

Whether it is some help understanding the planning process, or just to give them some ideas about what they might be able to do with a space they are planning to use.

If you think this would be of help, then please just let me know and I can pass on my details to you.

All the best,


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How about the first Youth and Mature club, or pensioners and Pocket Money?

I’m sure the old folks could give the low down on why the middle aged adults are assholes to the kids.

Also, I’m sure the inevitable results in old v young checkers/dominoes/poker/bridge games would be an eye-opener to the youth.

An injection of life for the old folks and insight and wisdom for the young.

Or am I dreaming?