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Scots Doctor creates potential cure for all chronic illness


The most shocking fact for me here is that 40% of Scots under 65 have some form of chronic illness, but I guess it bears out when I think about family and social circle, 66% for the over 65s. Does anyone know the figures for the rest of the UK and the USA?



I’m always a bit skeptical about these claims. You tend to notice these a lot more when someone close to you has a serious chronic illness. There’s still a whole hell of a lot of snake oil out there even in the 21st century. All that said, I am cautiously optimistic for these kind of cures. I would really like to see MS particularly wiped out in the next 5 to 10 years.


Just read this at my new doctor’s office today.

SOS - “It exists, but you can’t get it here, and it’s expensive.”

New doc, who broke his back skiing and is therefore empathetic, said “there may be a fix for your back”.

Uh-huh. Yup. Sure. Go read the MRI, doc. I’ve only been on this problem for 22-23 years. Heard all kinds of “opinions”. Who has ended up being invariably correct? Me. But everybody has to piddle in the treatment regimen with their “opinion”. Can’t wait until this dude reads the MRI, the reports from two neurologists, the DNA scans and all the other bother over the years. Okay, maybe when he has “determined [I] do not have colon cancer” (I absolutely guarantee that I would have noticed!) and runs whatever blood and urine panel, maybe he’ll open up them ears of his.

Any promise of a panacea demands the most stringent oversight.

After all, they’re still selling gloves with copper wire in them to “cure” arthritis!

Wouldn’t we all look silly if the true panacea turned out to be … snake oil.

Real snake oil. From snakes. :smirk_cat:

About the particular article? While I’m a big stem-cell advocate, read the paragraphs and bolding here.

Dr Maharaj says said he has been using the same protocol for more than a decade to reverse diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s at the medical centre he opened in 1992, about 60 miles north of Miami.

For cancer patients, Maharaj harvests the patient’s stem cells before they undergo chemotherapy. Although chemotherapy is effective at destroying cancer cells, he said, it also destroys stem cells.

After chemotherapy, the patient’s undamaged stem cells are reintroduced and activated to build up the immune system.

He says he may also be the first person to have successfully reversed type 1 diabetes.

Dr Maharaj claims dozens of successes.

A decade. Only claiming “dozens” of successes. That’s a horrible failure rate. Please remember, anything under 5% is considered “chance”; or, as it is named in the medical field, “spontaneous remission”.