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Scotland comic con: Moniaive Comic Festival June 10th and 11th 2017​


Thought I’d give this a bump as its coming up fast and wanted to make people aware of it.
Its an intimate comic convention which is held in the Craigdarroch Pub in Moniaive, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

A great opportunity to share a pint or two with some great creators and learn a lot in the process.
It’s put together by Sue and Allan Grant and I tell you I learnt more about writing in 2 hours sitting and listening to these legends than any book has taught me.

Moniaive Comic Festival June 10th and 11th 2017​

Guests are still being confirmed but currently include Moniaive Festival stalwarts: Alan Grant, Cam Kennedy, Mike Staples, Nigel Dobbyn, Monty Nero, John McShane and David Bishop.
New this year are: the legendary cartoonist Hunt Emerson, best known for his underground comics work Hunt has also worked on Ratz for the Beano; Ardnox High, a web comic used as an educational resource; Fortean Times and created Beat Girl for the ska band The Beat. We also have highly acclaimed artist Dave Kendall who has worked on comics like Toxic, role playing games, World of Warcraft and more. His amazing intricate and sometimes disturbing paintings need to be seen! Also coming is Steve MacManus, editor of 2000AD in ‘the golden age’ Steve has written about his time at 2000AD ‘The Mighty One – My life inside the Nerve Centre’. He will be happy to give portfolio advice during his time with us.
__ We are also delighted to have Dr Michael Dempster, MNeuro, MSci, Ph.D attending. Michael will run two workshops on the Scots Language for comics for adults and children. He also hopes to show his short documentary on the subject which includes Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy’s ‘Kidnapped’. You can see more of his work: ‘We’r needin tae talk aboot wir language.’ on youtube at:_
We are also delighted to welcome back Christian ‘The Chilean’! Christian attended the very first comic festival over ten years ago. He was featured on the front cover the Gazette with a very, very young Johnny Payne and had an interesting chat about ‘skips’ with Jimmy Mensdorf! More guest will be confirmed soon so watch for posters.

“Let’s make a Movie in a Day”
This is the theme and plan for the Saturday kids event. This event will run all day in conjunction with the usual panels, workshops, classes, stalls and signings.
_ Children of all ages are being invited to take part. You can choose to be a ‘goodie’ or a ‘slightly naughty character’, ’There will be costume and mask making workshops, prop making and backdrop classes, scriptwriting, location sourcing and then of course the actual filming. To avoid the need to learn lines we plan to have giant speech and sound effect word bubbles made for the kids to hold up. Emily will be running the filming and has plans to ‘comicfy’ it by stopframe shooting… probably not the correct technical term but Emily knows her stuff. So we need as many kids as possible to take part, those who are camera shy can act as wardrobe people, directors etc etc. The plan is to show the finished ‘movie’ at the end of the day!

Accommodation within the village is tight so if anyone can put up a guest or stallholder for the weekend I would be grateful. Please email me or call 200331 if you think you can help with a bed, lifts (or anything else).
Sue Grant

WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE… PLEASE LIKE US Facebook: moniaivefestivalvillage THANK YOU

Accomodation is scarce but you can stay in nearby Thornhill or Dumfries. Pre book your taxis or I might be able to persuade the better half to give you a ride (insert @mattgarvey1981 joke here)


A con…In a pub?.. Sounds … Heavenly!


Craigdarroch Arms
great pub and some great cask ales, gins and whiskeys. Did I mention that there is drinking whilst sitting in on the "Panels"
Frank Quitely came down last year and was a hit.
They haven’t finished announcing names yet so you never know who could pop up.
Might be time for a trip home @Rachael_Millarworld ?


You had me at great pub ! I’ll definitely see if it’s something I could pop down to for the day.
Yeah I heard Frank was there last year and enjoyed it. What better seal of approval do you need!




It’s okay I saved the one about Pandora’s box on another thread for you :wink:


If I’m not on holiday on these dates I’ll probably go to this, I’d been trying to keep an eye out for it being announced so thanks for posting.


Just a last minute reminder. If anyone’s about I’ll shout you a pint. Should be a great weekend for all ages



how is it actually going?
Having fun?


Very good.
Doug Braithwaite and Dave Kendall where brilliant. Got some good questions in on concept art and world building
Alan grant / Steve McManus and the 2000ad talk was very insightful
There was a short story workshop with monty Nero and mike staples which was good for the creative juices.
And now the pub is suckered into false expectations of a Scotland win over England in the “soccer”


Oh and I picked up a mint condition generation x #1 from 94 for £1


Sounds like Abnett is all kinds ow winning right now…met anyone from MillarWorld?


Dude I’m the only one who lives in Scotland!


There’s a few of us.

I forgot all about this.
Would have been hard for me to get there as I have a busy week going on but I’d have like to take the trip there. Maybe next time.


Apologies in my ignorance I thought garv face meant annual winners. Of course their are more millarworlders in Scotland!