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Science says Lois would know Clark is just a disguise!



Man, wait til you hear what science has to say about Bruce Banner! Spoilers: it ain’t pretty.


And Daredevil!


Apparently Howard the Duck is 100% accurate though.



Hmm. That doesn’t really prove the case as when Clark shifts to Superman or vice versa, he changes his mannerisms.


Exactly. Superman is world’s greatest actor and his Clark identity is a beautiful construct that lives alongside him. His ode to the human race!



Or Clark is the greatest actor and his Superman identity is a beautiful construct that lives alongside him. His ode to the Kryptonian race! :wink:


Let us not forget his portrayal of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof”. The New York Times called him “brilliant” and said it was a “must-see performance”.


Let’s not start this again, gentlemen :wink:


Had to post this:


That one scene made up for every single low point in Lois and Clark’s entire run.


Wow…according to this Daily Mail article, Lois would be able to tell Clark Kent is actually an illegal immigrant by the large amount of government benefits he’d be collecting and the fact that he took the Globe job from an able-bodied American. You aren’t fooling anyone, Clark!


Ugh. It’s becoming really annoying to see people attempt to apply real world science and money to fiction. Their worlds operate under different rules, how hard is that to understand?

This bugs me about as much, but not more than the endless stream of VS topics. You can do a Batman V Superman because they exist in the same universe/multi-verse.

You cannot ask if Superman would beat Goku. If one were to somehow end up transported to the other’s world, then one of their powers would not work. Superman may not get his powers from the sun in their DBZ world, and Goku may blow up or be un able to use his chi in the DCU.

Hell, there’s no telling how much more superman would weigh in a different universe.


It all depends on how different his diet would be, and if he’d maintain his exercise routine.


Superman would clearly win. :wink:


I hope Jonathan and Martha made sure to properly check his age when they found the crashed spaceship. Sure, he said he was a baby, but you never know with these foreigners.


Neither of them are real!


But his portrayal of Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman”?

“Brutally real!”

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