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Sci-Fi/Horror Short Story: SOLUS (Seeking Feedback!)


Morning/afternoon/evening everybody! So, I have a comic in the pipeline and I think if ever there was a place to get some good, honest criticism and potential support for it, it’s Millarworld. This particular story is part of Irrational Comics’ PITCH 2017 Anthology and readers can vote for the story they’d like to see be further pursued as a comic series. Obviously I’d love every vote I can get to make that a reality, but I really admire just having the chance to share this with anyone and get their thoughts on it.

You can find Solus here, with a little writeup page featuring a picture of my face and a lot of words about me and the story! I hope anyone that sees this will give it a chance and hopefully a vote! Any questions and criticisms at all are totally welcome.