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Santa just delivered the KINGSMAN sequel TEASER TRAILER!!


One hopes sir enjoys:



One is a tease, I see!


Time to boot up YouTube on the Ps4 then…


Let me get this correct, there are robotic dogs named Bennie and Jet? Cheese and crackers you can’t get any better than that.


I stopped the teaser like twenty times just to see somethings.

Can´t wait for the movie.


That’s such a cunning way for people to engage with the trailer, you fiend.




Someone has made a slowed-down version. Still too fast though :smiley:


Trailer tomorrow:


I think I like that one better especially the scene with Channing Tatum cocking the Winchester like The Rifleman.



That looks like a fun night at the movies. I hope it does gangbusters.



News! Let’s give a round of applause to Jeff Bridges giving a big shout-out to Kingman: Golden Circle during his brief live shot during the Kentucky Derby! So close to race time that I’m sure Jeff managed to reach about 20 million folks - for free!

Well done, Mr. Bridges!