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Ryan's Art Thread


Started doing some comic character sketches.


I started this project with the intention of submitting to the Millarworld annual, before I decided not to take part in the contest this time around. I abandoned the project for a few months, but recently decided to finish it. Unfortunately I’m having a hard time finding a place with a big enough scanner for these pages, so I’ve had to splice them together, leaving a grey area in the centre of each image. The pencils are also very light, as I intend to ink these, so I adjusted the levels, to make it easier to see, but this leaves my pages looking less clean than they actually are, which is kind of annoying to me. I’d like to be able to use these pencils to submit for pencil work, but not sure I love how it’s looking. Maybe if they’re accompanied by the final inked and lettered pages it will be okay.


Couple of new sketches, and my latest Kubrick study.


Had fun with Mickey and the gang, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


So this is done now. But then again, I might colour it one day. Check it out on for a better look.


Another mashup I had fun with.


Nice, seeing a lot of improvement as you go through the thread! The fifth panel of the last page of This 1 Time is really nice, sparse inkwork, with solid figure drawing. Kind of Hergé with the same thickness of line throughout.

If I can, I’d like to recommend a bit of life drawing or relying more on reference, as there are some moments where objects take you out of the story for not looking like their real-life counterparts. The car in ‘inks02.jpg’ would work better if you applied a real car design rather than a ‘sort-of’ car, and the trees are currently a solid mass rather than layers of leaves - little attentions to detail that would make your world look more concrete and realistic. It’s a pain to have to draw a ton of leaves, but sometimes if you’re more true to what you’re drawing, it works wonders.

Also your use of blacks is improving loads - you should pop some darks on the sleeping figure at the end of the story as it would add weight to him and draw the eye down the page to where he lays.


Thanks for the feedback, truly appreciated. Yeah I wasn’t thrilled with that car. I may have to do a series of just car studies. Too bad I didn’t get your input in the pencil stage haha. I would have made some changes, but now I just need to move on to the next project.


Shared this with Eric Powell and he said "Nice!!’. :grinning: Totally made my day.


Fear and Loathing on Tatooine, and a couple of my latest studies from The Shining.


Started doing some car studies.


Just finished this Animal Man drawing. I’m tempted to colour it, but that will have to wait.


More studies of The Shining.


Two new pages of Zanderland.


We all float.

Did this for a contest before I realized it was for Americans only. That was annoying, but still had fun doing this. Here’s the original pencils.


More studies from The Shining.