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Ryan's Art Thread


So I’ll start this off with a few samples of my work, that I hope will illustrate my broad range of skills and interests. Then I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been wanting to draw for a living for as long as I can remember. Sculpting came a bit later, but I’ve always loved drawing. And I’ve been wanting to draw comics since I was in seventh grade, back when McFarlane was drawing Spider-Man. The two things in comics I’m most interested in are cartoony things, or horror, or a combination of both would be great. I’d really love to draw anything in comics, but those two things are at the top of my list.
I have my own series I’ve been working on for quite a few years, that’s called Zanderland. My inspiration for that one was to meld the spirit of the Coen Brother’s with that of the Looney Tunes. If you’re interested check it out at It still needs a lot of work, but I think it’s getting there.
I also have a horror comic I pick away at sometimes, but that isn’t ready for the light of day yet.
If anyone out there has suggestions or critique they would like to provide, I would be more than happy to hear.
If you’d like to see more of my work you can check out my portfolio at, or wait till I post more stuff here, including some sequential samples, which I will do soon.
Thanks for reading.


I read somewhere that a good way to get noticed is to do fan art. This sounded like a good idea, so now I’ve done a handful of that type of work. It’s actually a lot of fun to play around with some of my favourite characters, so I will definitely continue to do this in the future. Here are a couple samples, and if you’re interested, more can be found in my portfolio, linked in my first post above.


keep ot up. I like the Wallace and gromit one.


Thanks. I’m slowly colouring that one. I just colour a character or two occasionally. It’s got a long ways to go, but one of these days it will be done.


Today I’m going to add a few pin-ups and character designs from my comic Zanderland. These can all be found on my site Tomorrow I think I’ll add some images from an older Zanderland work, that I haven’t posted anywhere, as it might be a bit boring to only have posted stuff here that can be found elsewhere as well.


So here’s some stuff you can’t find on my sites. When I started working on Zanderland I was still sculpting puppets for stop motion animation. I began developing Zanderland as a cartoon, had some meetings with broadcasters, and at one point had a producers working with me. I didn’t really like the way it was going though, everyone wanted to water it down and make it nicer. I eventually decided I would be better off to do it as a comic and have total creative freedom. I don’t have Bill Watterson’s scruples though (very few people do), so in the future I would be more than thrilled to sell my soul for a movie/television/video game and or merchandise deal.
Anyhow, what follows are samples from what at the time I considered to be a practice piece. I have a story I have been wanting to tell since the beginning, but didn’t feel ready to dive right in, so I started here. As you’ll notice, one of the biggest changes is the clothes on my main characters. In total this story totalled 88 pages and 4 covers. It took a lot longer than I had planned, but I learned a lot and improved my drawing skills quite a bit, so it was worth it. Eventually I plan on making the whole story available to read, but first I want to establish the work I’m doing now.

Thanks for checking this out. Next I’ll put up some samples of less cartoony work.
Bye for now.


So here are some samples of the type of work I was doing before I got into cartooning, and back into making comics.

Thanks for watching.


I only have a few projects to take sequential samples from, outside of my comic Zanderland. These are old, and so I think dated in quality in regards to my skill, but I hope still fun to look at. The first set of samples are from a 14 page comic about a kid who just wants to watch Batman on t.v., and the monster in his closet who helps take control from his awful parents. This one was fun to do because I switch back and forth between the kid’s story, and what’s on t.v. The second set is about a fallen angel. I didn’t have a script, was just coming up with it as I went along. I got 10 pages in before, if I remember correctly, I moved on to Zanderland. I think this one might particularly appeal to Mr. Millar, as the story is told purely with pictures. If anyone would like to check out the entirety of these projects you can do so by visiting my portfolio website.
Thanks for reading.


Just to mix it up I bit, I thought I’d add a few samples of puppets I sculpted when I was working in stop motion animation.


This is my mini Hit-Girl comic. I used JRJR reference for Hit-Girl, and Quitely reference for B+R. The bad guys were a mix of a variety of google images reference. Afterwards I came up with the perfect title, but couldn’t be bothered to spend more time on this adding it to the work. I really wanted to just get this done, and get back to my ‘real’ work as quick as possible. It was really about the joke and not about doing the perfect finished work. So here it is…


P.S. I posted this a while ago in a separate thread but couldn’t figure out how to move it here or delete it. So if you’re a mod and feel the old thread should be deleted, then please feel free to do so. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


So progress on my comic Zanderland has been so slow that now I’m going backwards. I’ve decided to re-draw pages I’ve posted as the first part of chapter one. This was my first ever attempt at a car chase, and I just wasn’t happy with it. This time around I think I might be getting it at least right enough to go on to the next scene, yay. Thought I’d share my progress here, and post the new stuff on my site when it’s done.
New page

Old page

In addition to speed lines and a busier scene, I’m adding the title, and more writing, as I’m going to condense the 6 complete pages to 3 or 4 pages.


Finished pencils.

I added the writing from pages 2 and 3, partly to speed up the story, and partly to make myself that much closer to catching up to where I was before I started re-drawing stuff. I might add more detail in inking and maybe tighten it up a bit too. And I’ll centre that title within the box a little better in photoshop.


Finished colouring this the other day. Haven’t been on here in a while, but trying to get back to doing and sharing art.


I’ve been wanting to do these for years.


If you look in my previous posts you’ll see I was attempting to re-draw some pages from my comic Zanderland. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy again with the way it was coming together, so I took a hiatus from Zanderland for 8 months. Since then I’ve just been sketching and doing some finished art, but now I’m finally back to Zanderland, and this time I’m getting it right, at least, right enough to continue. So here it is, the final version of this page (colours to come).


I’ve been doing some quick studies of Kubrick work. I love his composition, and I figured I could learn from it. I think it might actually be helping. So far I’ve done 6 studies from The Shining. I plan on doing a lot more, cause it’s really fun. I’m also really looking forward to doing some studies from A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove.


Here’s another Kubrick study.


Finished re-drawing pages I was unhappy with in my comic Zanderland. I condensed 6 pages down to 3, which I think makes for a better read. Most importantly I got the camera angles I was trying to achieve the first time around, but didn’t quite get. I’ve never been much of a car guy, and doing a car chase was new to me, so a tough, but good, learning experience. Here are the final 2 pages (the first is a couple posts back), or, you can check it out at


Here’s my latest Kubrick study, which is a good example of what a car would look like if I used reference to draw it, unlike my cars in Zanderland.


My latest Kubrick study.