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Run one shot


So…I remembered awhile ago that Mark put out a list of comics that he had on the way. All but one came out and it always bothered me. I don’t know if this topic has been addressed or not so I’ll ask anyways.

. I was just wondering if anyone knows if this Run one shot was changed into MPH. It been buggy the heck outta me. Thanks


From comments MM has made in the past, I believe the project didn’t get made for some reason but certain ideas developed for it were repurposed - for some of the Quicksilver scenes in Ultimates 2 and for the high-speed sections of MPH.


Yep, what @DaveWallace said. The whereabouts of “Run” have been queried a couple times in the past year and this is the response I’ve seen each time.


Thanks for the reply guys. Too bad about the one shot though. That was the one I was really excited about. Oh well.


If I recall correctly, you can blame Ashley Wood for that one never coming out.

I like to think that in some alternate universe somewhere, Millar-fans have gotten to read the Run one-shot, along with Youngblood: Bloodsport #2 and War Heroes #4, 5 and 6. It helps me sleep better.


I know a librarian who can help you with that:


What is Ashley Wood doing these days as I enjoyed his art in a spawn spin-off comic that I read years ago


Last i remember he’s still doing Zombies vs Robots.


He’s busy making kickass toys too.


Three A is making some great figures but I’m still waiting on my Pott-Belly figure. It’s only been about four years