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RUMOUR: Wolverine 3 to be Old Man Logan adaptation?


I thought I saw that the OML movie rumor was bogus.


Presumably it’d just be an alternate/possible-future thing just like DoFP was (although to be honest, that kind of had the feel of a curtain call about it).


It probably is just a rumour and nothing more but figured it was still worth sharing as a discussion point.


My thought was it would be the end of the ‘new’ version of the present we see at the end of DOFP, and then the First Class universe will become the norm, where Apocalypse turns up and the timelines have diverged due to DOFP’s events - resulting in a different Wolverine popping up (which is kind of hinted by Striker getting Logan earlier and in a different way).


This is a great idea, I would have a tough time with anybody besides HJ playing Logan.


I don’t feel that way. I think at this point, and especially after Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit, they’ve established that the franchise exists in pocket universes all over the place.

I would imagine they’d just use X-men characters though. It’d be great to have Sabretooth return and see a duel with Omega Red. They could bring back Rebecca Romijn as Mystique and basically just have it as an Unforgiven type Logan who’s family is killed and he goes hunting for the villains that did it, bringing him into contact with figures from his past.

A loose adaption is definitely the way to go. It would have to mark the end of Jackman’s run as Wolverine though, which would allow them to recast the character in later X-men films which star the younger principle X-men who have been cast in Apocalypse.

I think it’s kind of the Marvel comics approach: reboot without actually rebooting.


Figured this is sort of apt for here.

Concept art put together when Mel Gibson was considered / approached for the role of Wolverine. I can actually see him as OML after seeing this.


But would an audience go see him?

He’s been getting work in the last few years but mostly in supporting roles. As a lead, would he still sell tickets?

It’s more likely that he’s going to keep directing, which he’s also very good at it, and which doesn’t depend on his name so much to sell the movie.


Today? I don’t think he’d be anywhere near as big a draw as Jackman. As it says in the article this was considered after Braveheart which was huge (or at least it was in my neck of the woods!) so I can see why he was considered.

It would have been interesting to see how Gibson’s career would have progressed if he accepted the role. Would he have continued down the directing route too? Would he have gotten himself into botherwith various scandals?


I think he would, that’s him after all. He has a lot of problems. Talented guy with a shedload of issues.

Casting Jackman worked out incredibly well, but when he was cast it was to replace Dougray Scott, who was unavailable thanks to ‘Mission Impossible: 2’. Clearly by that point they were looking for talented but relatively unknown actors and not movie stars.

Putting a big star in a role changes that role and the movie that they are in. Everyone says that the ‘X-men’ movies are built around Wolverine (and they are to a large degree) but if Gibson, at his peak, had played Logan then it would push it all much further in that direction.

Call it ‘X-Men’ if you like, but it would’ve been ‘Wolverine & Friends’ really.


Hugh Jackman made an interesting comment at SDCC…


Ah, beat me to it!