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RUMOUR: Wolverine 3 to be Old Man Logan adaptation?


Just a runour but how cool a way would this be for Hugh Jackman to end his tenure as Wolverine? Article does raise a good point about the fact that most of the characters aren’t owned by Fox. How could they get around that? Would it be possible to reassign roles to different characters or do you feel the story is unfit able without the cast of the comic?

UPDATE 12 July

Hugh Jackman made an interesting comment at SDCC…


A loose adaption is entirely possible and, let’s face it, more likely. Witness ‘Days of Future Past’.

‘Wolverine’ in a dystopian, anarchic and violent future worked great in the book. I could see why they’d be drawn to it.

If they are, and it’s not just a rumour.


I think it’s a cool idea. I’d like to see Jackman do it.


I guess that Jack Human ain’t getting any younger.

I would like to see it. I don’t even see not having rights to Marvel characters as a drawback. The original premise was so ripe with potential. Other characters could be swapped in just as easily.


Who do Fox have rights to that could be subbed in?


Well, all the X-Men characters obviously, so that part of the story could be kept intact (Mysterio could be replaced by a mutant with mind-control powers easily enough).

And the FF could be used I guess. Maybe move Doom into the Red Skull role?

Not sure who could fill the Hulk clan positions though. The FF must have loads of monster villains that could be used.


I guess, now I think about it, it’d probably be for the best if they took the MCU approach and went less for adapting a book and more along the lines of using element of it as a rough guideline.


Yeah, the basic framework - Wolverine in a Western - should be strong enough to make a good movie even with some altered details.


Wolverine in a crazy mashup of Mad Max and Unforgiven - I can’t imagine that it will be a hard sell.


Which is really what most of the Fox superhero comics do anyway if you think about it. Days of Future Past and The Wolverine are just taking the main idea from the comics they are based on.


I’ve been debating how this could work, as I’d LOVE to see it succeed, and I think it could be cool to swap out Hulk for Sabertooth. Bring back Schreiber, but have him maybe a bit more Mane-ish. He could have been in hiding, or off doing his own thing, since the first X-Men movie.
Instead of the Hulk gang, it can be a gang that are similar in powers to the big two (Logan and Creed), but not as exaggerated healing. Imagine Old Man Logan tearing through a host of younger variations of himself/Sabertooth, having to cut their heads of, pretty much only winning because he has adamantium on his side for the finale where he loses it at the end. Mayhem.
Originally, I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough characters to make this work - or the right ones. But, as it’s picking up from DOFP’s altered timeline you can have it still follow cues from the book and original trilogy (plus The Wolverine movies, DOFP and FC) but playing with them and moving them about as they see fit. So Jean could still go crazy and play Mysterio’s role, or Emma Frost’s. Xavier could fill in for Hawkeye (very different dynamic though).

I think there’s ways to do it, but there’s also a fair few challenges in it. I really want this last hurrah for Jackman, and this iteration of Wolverine, to be a good’un. OML works as an end for the character, and definitely can be.
Then the Younger/New X-men/First Class iteration take take up the mantle and go with it as they see fit.


Yeah, there is nothing about the particular story in the comic that is more compelling than the concept. Especially with all the non-Mutant Marvel characters. Essentially, take any Kurosawa Samurai movie and set it in the future with Logan taking the Mifune role.

Or Eastwood Western (his own or Leone’s).


I liked all the characters and the way their future selves had turned out. I would enjoy a straight adaption but they don’t seem interested in doing that. Certainly they haven’t so far.

And, as already noted, they don’t have the right to use all the characters anyway.

But yes, the premise is infinitely variable, so if that’s all they keep then fair enough.

Hopefully they will keep more than that.


I would like to see Ian McKellen in the movie, for sure, but at the same time, the last Wolverine movie benefited quite a bit by limiting the characters and not using any other mutant from the other movies (except Jean in a very limited role).

However, with that in mind, I really liked the 80’s mini-series Wolverine & Havoc: Meltdown by the Simonsons along with Kent Williams and Jon J Muth on art. I could see that adapted into a movie but with Wolverine and Cyclops instead.

Also, replace Hawkeye with a one-eyed Scott Summers in Old Man Logan, and that would be a cool team-up for a movie too.


I’d totally be up for that last line. That would be great!


Me too. Cyclops has never been that well served in the X-Men movies, which was a shame. Throwing him into the mix could add an element of the buddy movie/Midnight run to the whole thing.


And James Marsden is a very good actor. Also, the two of them seem to have real (acidic) chemistry in the films.


I hope someone from Fox is lurking the boards because we’re giving them gold here :wink:


Giving them?

My invoice is in the mail.


I don’t know how you make an Old Man Logan movie without retiring the character, and by extension the entire X-Men movie line. It’s got the be the indicator a reboot is coming.