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Rowdy Roddy Piper has passed away at 61


Wrestling legend dies from natural causes.



I’ll always remember him for the greatest fight scene in movie history:


Damn. That’s scarily young though deaths at this age isn’t that uncommon during former wrestlers. Sad news.



He was one of the Good guys!


Nope. He was just about the best at being the bad guy!

He was one of those guys that no matter how evil he could be, the fans couldn’t help but cheer much of the time.

He was a great brawler, was one of the best promo guys in the business and was a fountain of knowledge for younger wrestlers coming through.

Although outspoken and sometimes controversial, he was still a massively popular and well liked guy amongst fans and people involved in the industry.

He will be missed by those fans and insiders.

He was hugely popular here in Scotland as although he was Canadian, his Scottish roots shone through and he always proudly wore his kilt and played the pipes at every opportunity.

A sad loss for pro wrestling. :frowning:


I actually met Piper once. It was the first time I hung out with @Mark_Millar and @JimOHara. Mark was doing a late night Q&A for Wizard World Chicago and Piper popped his head in to ask what was going on. It was kind of a neat brush with a celebrity from my childhood. It’s always sad to see someone go so young.



It’s pretty old by pro wrestler standards even.


I’m not a wrestling fan at all but this for me is iconic: