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Ron Pearlman for Duke McQueen


Does anyone else think Ron Pearlman would be a great choice for the role of Duke McQueen in the Starlight movie? If the movie is successful it might even convince Hollywood to get their arses into gear and make Hellboy 3?



But then Perlman, like Meryl Streep, could play anyone.


i woulda gone with Brian Dennehy, myself.


My vote still goes to Craig T. Nelson, who coincidentally was the voice of Mr. Incredible, a former superhero who comes out of retirement…wait, what?


Russell Crowe would be perfect.


He would be pretty good. And he has aged up before in the past. I’ve always thought that The Insider was the best thing that he’s ever done and that he got the Oscar for the wrong movie.


Liam Neeson could sell this. You all know this to be true.


That’s a good pick but it’s hard to see him as anything other than Coach. My wife has been watching Parenthood and he seems to be playing the same character there.


I like Neeson but I think he’s is too stiff for Duke.


I see you and raise you Jean Valjean and The Lego Movie.


Jackman was a better Valjean and Neeson was still stiff. :wink:

I really love Crowe for it. I just wish his career was a bit washed up so this could be a comeback roll for him. :wink:


Cough cough…Kurt Russell…cough cough.


gentleman, i think we have a winner!


At least it would once-and-for-all answer the question “Which is the best Kurt Russell movie?”


Hahaha. I just started a thread with that very question. :wink: