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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


Here’s What the Original, Far Less Tragic Ending of Rogue One Would Have Been


I don’t mind tragic endings, I just wish the deaths were better earned. Most of the deaths felt like the characters giving up.


I kinda liked that though. The big battle wound down in a very naturalistic way as the combatants slowly died and the intensity fell off. Not very adventure tropey, but it felt right for the tone of the movie


I’m not talking about intensity. I’m talk about how several characters did nothing to try to avoid dying and just let it happen. One character would have been fine (especially since it would have made sense with Donnie Yens friend) but it happened with 4 characters, 5 if you count Whittaker too.


I meant the intensity of the scene and the tempo of the battle rather than the characters, but most of the deaths were from the kind of things that a hero would escape - like Bodhi getting grenaded to death. In another movie he’d grab it and throw it out of the shuttle in time. But this movie is running on a different set of tropes, so he realises his death is inevitable. Hell, in a main Star Wars movie a grenade wouldn’t have been thrown in there in the first place


Yeah… no. I don’t buy that either.

I don’t buy that he sees anything inevitable. I would accept if he tried and failed.

He’s not the worse case though, that’s Saw, who is the crazy extremist doing everything he can one minute and then “I shall run no longer.” the next. They couldn’t come up with something better for him to do?



My problem with Rogue One is that it’s Blake’s 7 - in about two hours.


Well, there is the small matter of the entire planetary environment being fucked by superlaser.


But that’s the whole point of the movie, that these guys aren’t the larger than life heroes, they’re just some people who happened to wind up with a supremely shitty job. They’re not capable of superhuman tasks. Like I said, if this happened in a core Star Wars movie? Weak. Here? Fits the milieu.

I think there’s only so far you can run when you can barely breathe under your own power and you’re trying to escape the shockwave from a city-destroying explosion


That’s not being heroic, that’s just not wanting to die. That’s why I said I’d accept if he tried and failed.

These people don’t try to survive.

I think there’s only so far you can run when you can barely breathe under your own power and you’re trying to escape the shockwave from a city-destroying explosion

He doesn’t say he can’t run, he says he won’t. BIG difference.



That’s semantics. Either he wanted to put on a brave face or was struck by the inevitability of his death and faced it the way he wanted.


Or the writers screwed up.

I know where I’m putting my money.


Everything we see of Saw here indicates he ain’t that mobile and there’s no outrunning the blast.


I dunno, I feel like people expect this idealised version of everyone’s behaviour in fiction, but people are contradictory, inconsistent and frequently fail to live up to the courage of their convictions. If everyone was a paragon of their virtues in Rogue One people would complain too.


Also: [spoiler]Once they’re on Scarif, they’re not getting off, so if we talk of survival, survive for what? In this film, moreso perhaps than others, it’s made pretty clear there’s fates worse than death - like being captured and tortured.

Of course once Tarkin turns up with the Death Star, everyone on the planet is fucked.[/spoiler]


I tend to agree with you. In this movie, they really embraced the “Wars” part of the Star Wars name.


It’s not “hero” or “virtue” it’s human nature.

I just don’t believe these people’s actions, or inactions. They don’t ring true.


Human nature is to crawl into a little hole and die when death is inevitable.


Rather than just stand there and let it happen? Well at least we agree that’s not realistic. :wink:


Look, if you’re [spoiler]in an enclosed space and I throw a grenade in there, what’s going to happen is you’re going to stare at it for a second, and then you’re going to die. If you think you’re going to have the time to do anything more than think ‘hey, is that a grenade?’, then you’re kidding yourself. It’s probably the most realistic scene that’s ever been in a Star Wars movie.

Similarly, if you can barely walk and you see a city explode, the force of the explosion making the cave system you’re in collapse? You know you’re not getting out. You make your peace the way you can and you wait to die.