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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


Hate is a strong term. I’m in the heavily disappointed camp. There were some good things about the film, but I felt they were heavily outweighed by its faults (I did a list thing earlier). To me it was a big budget fanboy movie, and I was hoping for something new :wink:


An interesting little article about how/why so much footage was shot that never made it into the finished film:

It would be great to see at least some of this stuff on the Blu-Ray (outside of the trailers themselves), but I’m not hopeful.


Well I’m glad they got use of that shot because it is really cool, and was powerful in the trailer.




That ending was perfect.


I think the voice was excellent (10/10 to Guy Henry, who is a big Cushing fan), but the digital character not quite as good, still, I loved the character in the context of the film;


If anyone has bought the DVD or Bluray, are the extras any good?


Isn’t it out April 4th?


Ah yes. It’s idiots on social media, bragging they’ve downloaded it.

The legit downloads are available in a few days, and then the DVDs a few more days after that.

Nevermind. I’ll wait to buy a copy anyway. I enjoyed the film enough to watch it again, but the extras matter to me as well.


Yeah, I’m more excited for the extras than I am for rewatching the movie… :wink:


I’m sure they’ll release a copy in a year with more extras. :unamused:


So I got around to watching Rogue One today. It’s easily the best Star Wars movie since 1983. And I realise what a low bar that is to pass.

The pros: It’s not JJ Abrams masturbating furiously over a copy of A New Hope, and better yet it’s not George Lucas furiously masturbating over a copy of After Effects. It’s shamelessly ripping off WWII movies other than Dambusters! It’s pretty as balls! The characters were shallow, but interesting enough (which is acceptable for Star Wars), and the action was very well executed.

The cons: It just sorta sits there in the Star Wars canon. Like someone said upthread, it’s the longest retelling of two sentences of the Episode IV opening crawl. The constant references back to the original trilogy went from cute to annoying back to cute and all the way back to annoying again (I almost said ‘for fuck’s sake’ when they included the death of the previous Red Five). CG Tarkin and Leia were good, but they really felt like part of a computer game cutscene.

Overall, it felt like an EU novel, but a really good one. If Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn were in the cast it’d fit right in with Mike Stackpole’s X-Wing series.


My friend told me today that there are two different copies of the blu-ray you could order, one with almost no (if any) extras, one with a feckton of it.

I have not verified this properly, but since he ordered the latter, I will find out and be able to view all those extras on or shortly after the 4th. :wink:


They’ve made a complete balls-up of a simple job: is offering a 2-disc Blu-Ray plus a 3-disc 3D Bluray, but no details anywhere that I can see of what the third disc actually is, even on Amazon.

The one thing that is known is no director’s commentary or deleted scenes.


Well that’s disappointing. I hardly ever listen to the director’s commentary, but I do like having it for the sake of completeness.
And if you get a film where you really would listen to the commentary but it doesn’t have it, like The Avengers (good job, Disney), then it does sting.
No deleted scenes for this movie seems almost appropriate, considering there were discussions of how many cuts they could make out of it, but it’s pretty disappointing.
I don’t think I’ll be buying this for a good long while.


Are you a hamster? :smiley:


No, I’m a comic book fan.


Good. Answer. :smiley:


KandorLives for the TD and the extra point.