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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


I thought I heard a recent rumour connected to Rogue One that suggested that someone might be working on a new restoration?

Edit: here it is:

And here’s a rundown of the rights situation - seems like Fox have distribution rights to ANH in perpetuity, and to 1-3 & 5-6 through to 2020:


Yeah, Fox has distribution rights to the original Star Wars film in perpetuity. Fox still has the distribution rights to all six of the films they released, though in 2020 the rights to I, II, III, V, and VI will revert to Disney.

So if Disney wants to release a complete saga DVD, blu-ray, or 4KDVD boxed set they’ll have to reach some kind of agreement with Fox.

This gets debated a lot on various home theater forums, and there are a lot of opinions on what the deal means and what’s in the contracts. Ultimately. We’ll just have to wait and see how it shakes out in three years.


It made me appreciate that creative people will be remembered and considered important long, long after they have gone. And that’s not a depressing thought at all.


I felt that with the Frodo/Sam relationship talk that happened after those movies came out. Can’t anyone understand close non-gay male-male comradeship any more?

I expect that after the Han Solo movie we’ll start hearing that Han and Chewie are secretly gay lovers.


Nah man.
Han and Lando.



So, read the novelisation today - truly excellent, Freed’s two for two.

The novel takes full advantage of its medium to do what the film cannot, which is put us into the heads of the characters, which in turn casts new light on their outlook and actions. All the characters benefit from this, particularly Krennic, who here is far more his Catalyst self. At the same time Freed heightens both Krennic’s ambition and foolishness - he truly thinks he can be the Emperor’s second-in-command, in charge of the Death Star, above even Vader! It’s entirely believable that Krennic would think this, while to the reader it is laughably impossible.

The break sections with various memos and other info make for a superb set of additions, particularly the one where the addition of the exhaust port is authorised - the language there is very close to actual government style! Equally good is the summary of the setting up of the Rebellion and later, Raddus’ belief as to the primary target of the Death Star and he’s not wrong.

Absolute excellence, someone get Freed on another SW book quick.


How close does the novelisation mirror the movie? Does it hint at what the prior cut may have been like?


Nope, well not that I could tell, rather it expands on and adds to it.


Or is it because there’s no (count 'em; NONE) meaningful gay relationships developed in Hollywood films? Got to try to pick up the best you can get.


I’m all for developing new gay relationships in fiction, the more the better. But the emphasis should be on new, not on misinterpreting existing relationships already clearly defined as something else entirely. I’m not sure who that benefits, or what kind of role model it’s supposed to provide.



I completely agree with you. But at the same time I can’t get upset about people trying to find gay relationships where there are none… because there actually are none. And let’s remember that it’s very recent history that gay relationships were illegal, very recent history that hidden gay subtext was the only gay representation that existed at all.


omg they were clearly just mates, you perv!


And that was 11 years ago. There have been zero since, unless you count Bruno.


Watched it again and loved it just as much as the first time. The Vader scene at the end was even more chilling this time because I knew what was coming.

I think this movie will hold up. It’s divisive now, but I think a lot of that’s down to viewers’ expectations of what Star Wars is meant to be. This movie’s at least as strong as Return of the Jedi, and it’s the first Star Wars movie since then to both expand the universe (visually and thematically) and tell a good story at the same time.


And there was nothing healthy about that relationship. It was a closet fest.


@Mike bought up a good point about Ice man (who is now gay) that his coming out following a long period of repression is not atypical.

It didn’t work for me because in my mind’s eye he’s a ladies man, and it conflicts with my childhood view of the character, but it certainly does feel like a natural evolution rather than a quick turn and there are plenty of fans who are empowered by it.



Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand’s characters in Rock of Ages.

Sorry if that’s a spoiler for anyone who has yet to see this awesome film :slight_smile:


I guess I’m pretty much the only one here who hated the film?