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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


“He’ll be stone-dead in a moment.”

“I think I’ll go for a walk.”


Servalan would not have gone out like Krennic. :slight_smile:


Servalen would have played Tarkin, not the other way around.


And Avon would definitely have shot Galen and would have done so without a second thought.


I’d post the video but it doesn’t seem to be on Youtube?

It’s in the article anyway.


I have just received my copy of the novelisation, looks a very nice book indeed.


Our sources say Carrie was on a flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. People on board were administering CPR.

The plane landed just after noon in L.A. and paramedics rushed her to a nearby hospital.


Aw shit! I wish her the very best! Off to Cedars-Sinai with her!


Aw shit! indeed


2016 needs to stop this now.


It’s not going to stop. We have to stop it. Give me a week. No, nine days. That should do it.


Reason I said Cedars-Sinai is that it is relatively close to LAX, and really good at its job. Last time I was there was to see a buddy about to get a liver transplant (it went well).


Oh, Ancient One.

You that know all things and the people in those things.

Call someone at the Hospital. Pull some strings. Have Leia SURVIVE.

Defy 2016 at all times.


See 2016 is why we need a Death Star - so we can kill it.



Take off and nuke it from orbit.

It’s the only way to be sure.


Unless there was major damage, it a first MI (myocardial infarction) I’ve heard of her having. I do pray she is well, for I’m sure she is getting excellent care. One thing I know about L.A. is that the paramedics are generally geniuses, and Rich White Movie Star is quite likely to get the best of that lot.


Trademark that thing ASAP.


:laughing: Cedars-Sinai serves Beverly Hills, it’s blocks away in “Los Angeles” (or maybe “West Hollywood”, haven’t checked maps lately). Rich folks in the San Fernando Valley / Bel Air went to Northridge Hospital (where I worked) and then there’s UCLA Medical Center (unsurpassed, in my opinion) and in a much smaller way St. John’s. All have superb cardiac services.



Nine days. I’ll see you there.