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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


That’s going to be “Rogue Two: Do it again.”




It didn’t strike me as one way or another during the movie but afterwards, when I was talking about it, I realized I was framing them as a couple without actually giving it any thought.


It works. When I think about it, it definitely works, especially for a long established couple. :slight_smile:


It might have been that the two actors just had great chemistry and my brain just filled in them being together. The alternate reading that they are just like Han and Chewy works too, of course.

I get the frustration (intellectually if not from actual experience) of having to sort through context clues for this sort of thing.


“The Celluloid Closet” was my primer. I’ve been looking for lines to read between ever since.


I thought they were brothers.



That was the second Death Star


Saw it today. Loved it. Did anyone else catch the “Rebels” Easter Eggs?

  1. Intercom call for General Syndulla - didn’t specify if Cham or Herald.
  2. I swear I saw the Ghost in the space battle. Can’t confirm until I have it at home.


So is this the most brutal SW movie (well except ROTJ once you realize the Ewoks ate the dead stormtroopers)?


They ate them?!


You are more than likely correct, Mr Jake.

It also seems that Saw Gerrera will be in an upcoming episode and Felicity Jones has a whole bunch of options in her contract incluiding voicework.


It’s stated outright in Jedi that the fuzzy little bears plan to eat the captured rebels and their camp is full of Stormtrooper armour.

So, yes, Ewoks almost certainly ate Stormtroopers.


When my daughter’'s old enough to see this, she’ll love that.


Wow, I mean, they did tie up the gang before seeing c3po and making him their god. But I just thought that was just a fear tactic. So, during the celebration after they defeated the empire, Dead Stormtroopers was the main course. That’ll fill up their belly nicely.


I was the opposite of you, Patrick. I loved the world building in the first hour, but beginning with the sniper scene it started to go off the rails for me in kind of a Suicide Squad-y way where I’m assuming the reshoots made a mess of things. For me, anyway. I also thought the characters were wasted. Some great effects though.

The central conceit of the movie was wonky to me, too. I get that the trench weakness is considered a “flaw” in New Hope, but I don’t get why the engineer built in a flaw that required a third party and a million to one odds to detonate instead of building in a flaw that just made the Death Star, I don’t know, overheat and combust or something. It’s a classic case of overthinking what should have just been considered a silly trope in a kid’s movie and moved on from. The end result is just as silly, only arguably moreso because it’s pretending to be smart.


Yep, the Ghost has indeed been spotted.

Though apparently the voice Vanessa Marshall supplied was not Hera, but there is the call sign for General Syndulla. One fan theory is it’s Hera, because Thrawn kills Cham.

And yeah, it’s all so very smart. I’m also hearing good things about the novelisation but won’t have that until end of the week.


That’s just triggered a memory of the novelisation of ANH I bought back in the 70s. The scene where Luke’s doing lightsabre drills on the Millenium Falcon, and Han Solo hands out some cynicism about hokey religions. Obi Wan replies (from memory, bearing in mind I read it nearly 40 years ago):

“I my experience, there’s no such thing as luck, only highly favourable adjustments of multiple factors to incline events in one’s favour.”

It never made it to the movie, but it was my favourite line in the novel (so much so, I memorised it at the time). Anyone got it to hand?


I thought they covered that pretty well actually. The flaw had to be a flaw that was subtle enough that the other engineers working on the project wouldn’t spot it, but Erso (being the smartest) was able to sneak in a subtle weakness that could be exploited if you knew how to do it, but that you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t thinking along those lines.

Building in an obvious, major flaw would invite the question of how he managed to get it past everyone else who was working on the Death Star.