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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


So excellent I never even spotted it as such! I thought they’d just got someone else in for that scene.


He definitely looked like someone else entirely, yes.

Which I think mitigates the point, IMO.


Hmm, mitigates against what?


It being a younger Krennic.

To me, he wasn’t recognizable as Krennic…so the CGI was sorta fruitless.


For me it worked fine.

EDIT: On a different note - this is brilliant:


Yes it is.

Positives of Rogue One would be few, but Tarkin outclassing Krennic was definitely one of them.


Why would they use de-aging effects in that scene on Krennic but not Mikkelsen?


Also a good point.

Also, why have Forrest Whittaker in general?
Did anyone care?


It just reminded of Arrival.
Which I liked better.
So, no idea?


Because he should be in every movie.


Not this one and his half-baked character.
Save the dream!

Yessir, random old guy we met for 3 minutes.


C’mon…He was the crazy old ISIS fringe of the Rebel Alliance…Or the unallied version of the Alliance at the very least. I thought he was fine.

Although I may have liked the movie a lot more than other people.


Saw is an interesting one in that the character was apparently created for the now dead Underworld Tv series, so got transferred to Clone Wars.

He’s going to turn up in Rebels S3, also features in Catalyst to a degree and his story ends in R1.

As an example of what Disney is aiming for in telling stories across mjediums, he’s a good one.


Yeah, except for now he’s just some random old man with a forced connection to the lead.

He was flat and then he was gone just as quick. Movie itself gave zero reason or impact.

In fact I’ll call his inclusion the worst part of the movie.


I enjoyed it.

Weirdly, about an hour in I thought “this is good, but I’m not digging it as much as TFA.”

Then, the minute I realized they were really going to kill everyone (when they were landing on Scarif and Cassina points out the dish on the top of the tower and talks about how if they had to they could transmit the plans off the planet) I started to really like it. It was just so bold for a SW movie. I don’t think a movie has to have death and destruction to work, but this was the first SW movie where I felt like people actually died. Not just the main cast, but people on Jedha, and rebel soliders and stormtroopers and the like.

Even since it ended the amount I liked it has been increasing. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Chirrut and Baze were a couple, right?


See, I really don’t think they were.

They were comrades, friends … brothers, not lovers. More like Han and Chewie than anything else.

And if they were meant to be gay, if we get a JKR style “of course they are, we just couldn’t say that”, then fuck you Disney.

It could have been done subtly but definitely. I hate that we’re still at the stage of having to try to read things like this into subtext.

That’s one thing the last Star Trek film did really well: here they are. They’re gay. We don’t feel the need to beat you around the head with it. It’s obvious, it’s normal. And that’s the point. Or should be anyway.


Yeah, I’d go with this.


My social groups are mixed on it. I could see it, but in the theater, I was struck by how they were starting to die.

Interestingly, Rogue One played for me like a West End Games “Star Wars” campaign with a really evil GM, especially towards the end. The entire party had maxed out their ranged defenses to deal with blaster fire. This usually means their area of effect defense is lacking, and that is EXACTLY what happened. Explosions took out everyone.

This has actually happened to me in games and I must admit that, in hindsight, I had to laugh. It was just what a GM would do, especially to the two “heroes” at the end.

Death Star fires GM: "Dodge this."
Players: “Fuck you man.”


So, in the end, how many Bothans died to bring them this information?


Not enough.

Those guys are assholes.