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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion


You and @Todd

Rebel Scum, that’s what you are…


Everybody seems to have a problem with Tarkin, but I watched it in IMAX 3D and saw nothing wrong with him. Leia looked pretty good too.
Which format did everyone watch the film in? I wonder if it has an effect on that stuff?


I watched it in 2D - I hate 3D with a passion! - and similarly had no problems. Clearly CGI, but some of the better looking CGI characters that I’ve seen. They didn’t knock me right out of the movie, as other CGI heavy scenes and/ or characters have done elsewhere.


I saw it in a regular cinema. It looked pretty good to me too.


An article on R1 from me:


Some people are also taking issue with using Cushing’s face and (an impersonation of) his voice, since he’s dead and can’t give permission.

Well not easily…

I have no problem with it. His estate is credited so I assume his surviving family approved.

Personally it’s great to see him back, but it looks like Disney didn’t do this without taking due care anyway.


I’m actually all for it, if it’s done classily.

Like in Sky Captain.


Yes, it’s not first posthumous performance, but this isn’t adapting or reusing footage, it’s a CGI recreation.

I think it’s fair and respectful, not to mention very cool. :slight_smile:


My only point is that in 50 years the only cgi that will still hold up are the Arachnids from Starship Troopers.


I thought the effects in this were so good across the board that I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t win at the Oscars.


I was watching ANH Special Edition yesterday on VOD and the CGI “enhancements” were utter crap.

The original trilogy had cutting edge SFX for the late 70s/early 80s and while it doesn’t always hold up today’s standards, you can still acknowledge and respect it for when the were created. Then you throw in CGI that while cutting edge when it was done, it sticks out like turd in a punch bowl.

And it had Greedo shooting first which is completely WRONG


The best CGI, i feel, is the CGI that’s meant to look fake/unrealistic.

Which is why Starship Troopers works so well.
The arachnids are all right angles and impossible, so it just looks good any time.


There was CGI on Krennic in the opening scene to make him look younger and thinner - it was excellent.

Crushing didn’t work for me because of his sudden face movements - an eyebrow raise etc - it’s too sudden to keep up with the texture mapping and takes you to uncanny valley.


Speaking as an amateur necromancer, death is just a minor inconvenience.


It’s Good not Great. Never has two paragraphs in an opening crawl been so long but entertaining at times. Donnie Yen will crack the China market in favor of Star Wars which is what this is really about. It ended the way it should have with no real plot twist. I hated the way Princess Leia look but Tarkin was serviceable. With all the criticism, this movie is worthy of being seen in Theaters. It puts the emphasis on war in Star Wars.


True. Based on the outcome - positive critical reaction and great box office - Disney made the right choice to do just enough. So far, from DC movies to Fantastic Beasts to Rogue One, the studios are doing well with movies that are passably entertaining but not terribly risky, distinctive or even really that great.

However, generally, I end up liking the majority of “passable” movies or at least as many of them as I do the more distinctive ones.


Amen to that. I hate explaining to my son that Hayden was NOT the ghost in the original cut of Jedi. The songs replaced in Jabba’s palace and the end were likewise total crap. I’ll take the close-to-teetering puppet singing at Jabba’s anytime over the soulless pseudo funk that replaced it, blech.


Ironically, the Old Anakin Ghost in itself was something of a slight to David Prowse who was completely blindsided when they shot the death of Anakin scene while he was on another soundstage shooting other footage for Darth Vader. Throughout the filming, he was constantly kept out of every decision for no good reason. They didn’t tell him James Earl Jones would do the voice. That he would be replaced for the light saber duel in Empire. And that he wouldn’t be under the mask when they took it off.

Now, I wouldn’t want to piss David Prowse off either. That guy was huge, but this is not the way to go about it.


Don’t forget the cheesy video game cut scene that replaced the original sail barge approach to the Great Pit of Carkoon. While none of the additions to the return of the Jedi Special Editions get a quarter of the hate press of Han not shooting first, on the whole I think it suffers the most from needless extras.


Oh, I got that. But until I checked in here the reaction I’d been seeing was on the whole positive. I have no particular need to see everyone view things the way I do(well, I’m working on that, anyway) but it’s certainly nice when it does happen.