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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - SPOILER discussion




I love the line in TPM:

Ah, young Skywalker, I will watch your career with great interest.

To invoke Herr Starr: Baaaassstttaaard.


So is this a pretty accurate sommary of Rogue One:

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.



You really don’t know what you’re asking, do you? :wink:

Suffice to say, elsewhere, this is a very vexed topic.


Watching Rogue One has convinced me to get the Art Book but not the blu-ray.

It felt like a 2-hour advert for Battlefront, and sometimes it had the (lack of) storytelling to match!

The first scene was my favourite, and it sure was pretty, but a lot of what I was excited for fell flat. It annoyed me less than my first viewing of The Force Awakens did though.


After a few days since I watched this, I just thought about the one bit of Episode 4 that becomes laughable with the insert of Rogue One.

Who was Leia trying to fool with the “I’m on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.” Line?

Vader’s Star Destroyer is in pursuit of her Corvette that was deployed from a crippled Capital ship during a significant battle involving the Rebellion.


Bail Organa’s “I’d trust her with my life” line is also that.


See I thought that as well, but then I remembered that in the opening of ANH, the “diplomatic ship” had actually been shooting at the government’s ship a few minutes before, and also had rebel soldiers on board who were shooting the army.


This. It makes perfect sense to me considering that that they were escaping from a battle.


Without the conflict of the major battle preceding this I could almost let that slide. As in “we’re defending ourselves after being fired on.” And claiming the equivalent of intergalactic police brutality.

But instead this is a ship that just left a major offensive against the establishment. Not a ship that has been tracked down and suspected of collusion.

SUPER minor quibble. Honestly I had fun watching the movie, and likely enjoyed it quite a bit more than most other commenters here.

And let’s face it the entire franchise is rife with plot holes and logic jumps if you wanted to start picking it apart. I choose to not take Star Wars too seriously.


The architecture in Star Wars has always required a suspension of disbelief - there are no guard-rails on walkways, the convenient flaws in both Death Stars (which was ultimately needed an entire backstory to explain!), but this just felt lazy.

I wonder if the scene was initially scripted with having Bodhi guard the ship, until he gets told to find the master switch and also that they’ll have to find another escape route off the planet, and as he goes on his adventure to find the switch, Baze and Chirrut fight on the beach, and Jynn and Cassian look for the data file … eventually the audience realises that they’re NOT getting out of this. It feels like that part of the third act was truncated slightly and I have to wonder if that was either to do with budget or cutting the shooting script.


It was a desperate situation to be honest. They didn’t have any other option than defend themselves. I think it even makes Leia more badass, since now she knows Vader KNOWS, and even then she still planted herself in front on Vader and lied shamelessly.

Hell, the first time we saw Leia in ANH she was carrying a blaster and shooting at Stormtroopers. Why wouldn’t she talk with Vader instead? Shooting before talking should be the first indicator that they were trying to hide something IMO. She didn’t have any other option than desperately lying after that point.


Btw, I came across an interesting detail in ANH. The empty chair in this scene? Krennic’s? :slight_smile:

This is my headcanon now at least.


This explains the guard rails:


I’m so, so glad you guys didn’t let me down…This was a disappointing experience, a hatchet job that unfortunately a lot of people are probably going to be replacing actual Star Wars with…And the funny thing is, for all the complaints that The Force Awakens is basically A New Hope reheated (which I don’t agree with), Rogue One is really The Force Awakens…minus everything good about it…


I think the general reaction is fairly categorised as “mixed” - a lot of posters here really liked it, and I can see why - I think it’s pretty faithful to the universe and it no where near deserves the same type of vitriol leveled at some other films that came out in 2016, but, at the same time - it didn’t really work as expected for me, or, for others, as it seems.


Rogue One is the Man of Steel of Star Wars movies :slight_smile:


Oh no … what have I done …


I found Force Awakens to be very boring.
But Rogue One was way worse by virtue of being messy alongside that.


I know what you mean, but that suspension of disbelief is reserved for the existence of highly advanced humans ALTAIAGFFA, The Force, and lightsabers (especially because everyone wants one), not for there being no guard rails, or that some controls are separate to the main control panel, or that master switches are remote from anything at all. This is lazy scriptwriting, and we deserve better.