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I went back and watched Pans Labyrinth recently, still holds up, just love the contrast between the serious war story and the fantasy world elements. Did these recently, i always ink traditionally then i colour digitally.


Slender Man


couple of movie pin ups

just the inks

recent commission for a friend


Excellent work!


thanks Duke.

I did this new piece last night, only finished watching the series stranger things recently, really enjoyed it


New Resident Evil 3 Nemesis piece


Nice work, Robert. That Stranger Things piece is awesome.


A couple of sequential pages form a comic i worked on with writer Darren Neeley. The comic is called Chase van Bolt and is inspired by jonny quest


thanks Francis


a few older alien pages


just finished the inks for this stranger things 2 piece

October 27th!


Surely you’re working on a comic for someone?


Sadly not at the moment no, that’s why I’m posting stuff here


Very nice work! Reminds me a bit of Tula Lotay:


People here would be fools not to be interested. I know the Write Offs have writers interested in working on comics. I have no money to give you, otherwise I would be begging you to work with me.


Rea thanks for posting that link, i do like her work alot and her process behind making that cover was really interesting.

Thanks youngduke.

Heres a recent vampirella piece




Quick sketch of Sarah from Labyrinth, love that film


to catch a thief!


The last of us 2017 vs 2012 drawing



2017 with colours


A couple of new work in progress stuff

Betty and Veronica

Peter, Gwen, MJ


Really great work.

I agree with YoungDuke, you should definitely be working on a comic book with someone.


Thanks Paul. Ok so ive finished the Betty and veronica one. Ive decided to save the Peter Parker one for inktober so stay tuned!