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Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics


The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman stars in this documentary series that takes a deeper look into the stories, people and events that have transformed the world of comic books. It also features interviews with icons such as Stan Lee, Patty Jenkins, Lynda Carter, Kevin Smith, Famke Janssen, J.K. Simmons, Michelle Rodriguez, and Todd McFarlane, among many others.

Has anyone else been watching the new Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics series? I am absolutely loving this show. I just watched episode 6 about the creation of Image comics and it was great! Probably my favourite episode so far.

I highly recommend checking this series out.


I’ve watched the Jack and Stan and the Image one. It’s a bit self serving (they surface over a lot of the Image problems) and felt like a PR tape for Image, but it was great to see all the founders giving their 2 cents on how things happened.


The first episode has been upped to YouTube (as posted in the Random Comics Related things thread) - it was good, well-made television.

I’m not sure I’ll have any legitimate means of seeing the rest of it as not all AMC shows make it to the local cable and streaming services.


Pm me and I’m sure I can help with that tomorrow. It will also serve as a reminder I’ve other things to help other Millerworlders with that keep slipping my mind.

Edit: I may have missed the word legitimate the first time I read your message. :joy:


I think all of the episodes are on youtube. That makes it like half legitimate. :wink:


Didn´t know this existed.

Thanx for sharing.


Indeed they are. That’s legit enough for me.


I binge watched the Whole Thing.

My favorite was the Superman chapter; we all know the story, but it´s still heartbreaking.


It’s a pain that this is not on uk tv or Netflix/Amazon - id really like to watch it but if I can’t add it the sky planner or Netflix/Amazon queues there’s no way I’m going to remember it.


I just saw an advert for this in the UK. They’re putting it on AMC pretty soon, which is a channel on Sky. I don’t have Sky but it looks like you do, so hooray.


Most Sky stuff gets on NowTV, and with temporary email address generators one can indefinitely rinse NowTV free trials. You get all the TV, and Murdoch gets none of your money, now isn’t that a happy outcome?


Great, I’ll keep an eye out for it