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Robert Carey Art Dump


Decided to throw up some more recent samples. Any feedback will be gratefully accepted.






Hi @mansloth,

These pieces are great. Did you do pencils and inks? Where do you get your scripts from?



Cheers man.
I did all the art.
The WWE and X-Men pages were scripts I got off of editors.
The girl on the bike is a script I wrote.


Cool. What was the reaction from the editors? Will we see you on the newsstands soon?


I wish, not gonna be happening anytime soon. Not got any response for editors from current samples.
But working on new pages so hopefully they catch someone’s eye.


Good luck with it. Have you worked on any indie comics before? If not then maybe they are looking for people with that experience.



I’ve done a few indie books. These samples were only sent out recently, and with NYCC coming up, I assumed any kind of response would be a ways off.


Some more recent work.


Great work as always Rob.

Not to boast but I have some Carey orginal art on my walls at home.


Some pages from a new project.


Warm ups today are some character concepts for personal project.


Not too shabby.
Loving the shield.

Might just be the head attenna but feels very Appleseedy.


The antenna reminded me of Chappie.

It looks really cool, though. Colour me intrigued.


Robocop fanart.


I love the pink and purple tones in the coloring.




More character design warm ups.