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Rob Liefeld retailer variant for Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1


Remember we did this a couple of months back for Empress #1? A special Skottie Young variant which retailers could only order if they were members of our forums here? Well, we’re doing it again and the Rob variant will go live tomorrow with the Frank Quitely, Mike Mayhew and Jae Lee covers.

The Skottie cover sold gangbusters last time and on eBay here for $9 already…

We expect a similar mad rush for Mister Liefeld so if you’re already a member you’ll be able to order this. If your store is not registered here (and membership means you see ALL Millarworld titles one month early) stick your store details in the thread linked below.


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I can’t wait to see the Liefeld variant. I rarely grab them but I might go out of my way to get this one.


So maybe I missed something, is there a Diamond Code for the Liefeld Variant?


Got the email yesterday for the book but haven’t seen a Diamond code for it. This Liefeld variant is not on this week’s FOC or searchable through the Diamond system. We got some of our customers already interested in this, so any help in getting the code before 6/6 would be great.


Image just got it into the system. Here you go, folks!




I’m still not having any luck with the code, I must be stupid.


Thanks! Just ordered them today for my store!