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*** RIVERDALE *** Spoilers and Sticky Maples abound!


This show is getting pretty bad soapy.

I can’t decide if it’s a clever send-up or an attempt at serious drama.


Recent ep was weak sauce.


Posting this because it’s about the actor who plays Jughead:


Fully caught up, and the last couple episodes were great fun.

-jugheads birthday
-a peek inside the blossom family
-veronica/betty dance off in the gym
-archie is a horrible boyfriend


Episode 10 was really fun. Next week is a skip week, and then the 3 final episodes

It is the first time anyone in a tv series has actually say twincest aloud, right?

Edit: Oh, and, due to Riverdale, I actually went and read the entire Archie reboot line (Archie, Jughead, Josie & the Pussycats, Reggie and Me, Betty & Veronica titles) and the Archie horror titles (Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & Jughead:The Hunger), alongside the Riverdale comic tie-in.


I have shifted back to the “Veronica” club.


Team Cheryl ATM


You may think you’re cool, but you’ll never be “cast of Riverdale at Coachella cool”




heh, I totally stopped watching this… it was waaaay too CW-y that even looking at beautiful Veronica wasn’t enough to keep me going… u_u


So, the wife wasn’t up for a scifi fest, and pulled rank on me. We’re now watching Riverdale instead. It’s surprisingly … Decent. I’m liking it. Jughead’s pretty awesome. Only on episode #4 so far. Very much in the mold of Desperate Housewives.


Season 2 has been around awhile, apparently. @Tim Where art thou?!


I’m watching it. It’s shaping up pretty good, albeit quite different from season 1. They better have a damn good resolution to this black hood stuff though.


Right. This Northside/Southside stuff is a little heavy handed. I’ve never heard of a cross-town rivalry as bitter as this…



I fear this show has now jumped the proverbial shark. This whole thing with the Coopers. The machinations of the Lodges. It’s all getting a little preposterous. Disappointing.


A recent episode had Betty doing a striptease at the biker club and everyone was cool with a high school girl stripping for a bunch of leathery biker men.


Are you sure you weren’t watching Twin Peaks by mistake? :confused:



There’s also dodgy FBI agents, biker gangs, serial killers, and incest too. It’s all very OTT.

To be fair, the darker than expected take was part of the charm in the first season. But, it’s just getting silly now.