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*** RIVERDALE *** Spoilers and Sticky Maples abound!


At least hit a brother up with a glorious butt.


Hey, all. We’ve worked very hard in the past to avoid locker room talk or a “lad mag” vibe to this place. So, please, try to be more respectful of ladies in your discussions. Thank you.


I’m all on board for that.

Now onto the first discussion:

Does namedropping cliches in the show make the show’s shameless use of those cliches less annoying?



No. It irritates me a little that it might be TOO self aware at times. Maybe my only gripe with the show.


The thing it is to me is that it’s self-aware without actually being self-aware.

Like how it mentions how it’s using the tired tropes of gay best friends and 90’s high school mean girls…but it still writes those with a straight face.


These are pretty valid reasons to me. :wink:


Maple syrup is serious business.


  • I want to have dinner with the Blossoms.
  • You go Valerie.
  • Reggie actually shows there is a human being down there somewhere, that cares.
  • Maple Syrup blood feud. I am dying.

  • Jason & Polly engaged, Polly sent away until she gets better, no one can see her… pregnant?

  • Either Betty’s dad stole the sheriff’s files, or her mom did, and he found them. Or who knows, maybe Split Betty did (need to rewatch to see where she was during all that time


Which Riverdale girls dont want to bone Archie?

Stupid Archie.



What Archie? That guy’s frickin Captain America… :smile:


More like Captain YourFaceIsDumbAndIHateYou.



Worst thread EVER. :rage: I’m absolutely appalled by the behaviour on display here. Disgraceful.

JL asking to see Tim’s glorious butt. (There’s a phrase I never thought I’d use). I’m sure it is glorious - he is Australian after all - but still. What a flirt! I wouldn’t dream of asking such a thing, and I’d never hear the end of it if I did. Talk about double standards.

No, but seriously. I’m just being nosy. What got deleted? I somehow doubt it was anything to do with Archie’s abs.


We doubled up threads and Ronnie saw through my nefarious plan to use the thread as an excuse to post pictures of pretty girls.

Ronnie ruins everything.


But you made Ronnie all yellow.

It made me laugh, and Betty stole my look. Wasted some perfectly good maple syrup too.

I’ve said far worse. You must all think me a disgrace. I’ll have to ask Todd to find some pictures to post in the Legion thread just for the sake of balance.


Betty stole your look??

Which look?


I’m not telling you here. You’re trying to trick me into making Ronnie all yellow again. :slight_smile:

Riverdale has gone all Sons of Anarchy this week.