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*** RIVERDALE *** Spoilers and Sticky Maples abound!


So, Grundy’s out (only to be revealed as legitimately boy-hungry)

Juggy’s homeless but his dads a biker so it’s all good.

Archie is way too forgiving.

Ronnies inevitable heel turn - will it happen this season?


Dammit JL.


yours has the pix!


GODAMMIT @garjones!

The pictures are the best part!!!


get those GUTDAMN pictures up here!


Here are some of the reasons to watch Riverdale:


a man crush for the ladeez


I’m in denial about him being 50.


Like Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise, Luke Perry never really ages.


Good thinking - This is an equal opportunity thread.


You know, the moment I saw there was a Riverdale thread, I was thinking, okay, this will just be Tim and JLJL posting pics of the show’s girls.

Glad to see at least one of you didn’t disappoint!


Don’t act like you’re above this, Christian.


What, pretty girls? Pft. Who’s interested in that kind of thing?

(Still have to finish the first ep of Riverdale though. I’m interested enough to keep watching, but it’s not calling to me with any urgency.)


That made me laugh gents - well done


I have yet to post a pic of any female. Archie’s Honor.


I think Riverdale’s gonna be my guilty pleasure now that the Originals have apparently disappeared…

I wish it had more neon colors and a more noir atmosphere… Other than that it’s surprisingly good if you can look past the very hammy clichés… Also: Veronica and her glorious butt… sold :smile:

Oh one thing I really dislike is the Betty’s mom story-line… not only is the character truly obnxious and annoying, but it’s sooooooooo over-played that it takes me out of the show.


It’s pretty awful.

But Jughead’s nice as a noir protagonist, and I watch for his sliver of subplot.


No one is talking to you, Tom.


In the spirit of open discussion, I was merely making a free comment about my thoughts on the show, and the positive I think it has.


Well - you’re on thin ice, my friend.

If you want to get back into JL and my good graces you might want to think about posting some pictures of attractive females from the show.