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RIP Yvonne Craig!!!!


Like most of you, I met Yvonne Craig as Batgirl and a little later as the green-skinned dancer in the Star Trek episode, Whom Gods Destroy. But then I had the good fortune to meet her and hang out with her for a couple of weeks in Australia and New Zealand years later, having dinner and late night drinks and quick lunches between signings on a tour we did for the lovely people who run the conventions out there.

She was super-cool.

I loved the fact that I’d hung out with her for a week before her sister said anything about the two months she was dating Elvis or how Howard Hughes was in love with her or, oh yeah, how she was a famous ballerina before she was Batgirl. She said her Mum liked Elvis because he was incredibly polite and always brought her up a wee present when he was picking her up for a date. Her stories were brilliant, her life and career covering the period that interests me most in American pop culture and though I’ve shared credits and had drinks with a lot of famous people through work I think it’s never as exciting as meeting the people you grew up with.

At the end of our two weeks hanging out, I couldn’t resist asking her to sign the autobiography she’d given me as a gift. She came from a period and a TV show that meant too much to me not to. The same thing happened a couple of years back when I was in New York and I saw Adam West, Gil Gerard and Lee Majors having a drink in a bar. To me it was like seeing the faces on Mount Rushmore. Everyone said I should have said hello, but this wasn’t like approaching normal people. These guys were EVERYTHING to me and so I chickened out. Yvonne, likewise, was from my childhood and I was slightly mesmerised, but she broke the ice and couldn’t have been more approachable or down to Earth or funny and we stayed in touch long after.

Another little piece of our collective childhood is gone.

She’ll be missed.




Lovely words remembering her Mark and your right sadly the icons of our childhood are ever dwindling.


Thanks Mark, Yvonne and Meridel (my mother) really enjoyed hanging out with you. It was one of the highlights of their trip. Thanks for the kind words.


Oh, that’s very kind. Thanks very much. It was a genuine pleasure to hang out with them. Vin and I had great fun.

Hope you guys are all okay.



This is a tough one. She was certainly my first celebrity crush - such an amazing smile - and I used to swing by her site regularly to see what she was doing.


My first TV crush. I will always keep a torch burning for her. May she forever rest in peace.


Such a wonderful lady.



Gail Simone wrote a great little article as an expansion of social media comments regarding Yvonne Craig.

I will point out it is on Playboy’s website but the provided link does NOT link directly to any content which could be considered pornographic at all and is housed within a lifestyle and entertainment section of their site.


Many moons ago, when I was still unable to grow facial hair and pissed off at Batman, there was some sort of a show at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Same place they had the Ice Capades and car shows. (On Beverly near Fairfax, while CBS Television City is on 3rd and Fairfax, for those a bit familiar.) Forget what the theme of the show was, but I basically went to see the Batmobile. I saw it! It was fantastic! The guest was to be young Yvonne Craig, and she appeared in full Batgirl suit. Now, I grew up in Hollywood and was never an autograph-seeker. But, I was always one to say “Hello” and “Thank you”. Which I did with Ms. Craig. Got a big smile and a “You’re welcome” and it brightened a rather dismal day. Best thing about the show? Ms. Craig. Second-best? The Batmobile. I always though Barbara Gordon / Batgirl was one of the best parts of the show, especially the early interplay with Alfred.

Not much older than I am. My sincere condolences to the family and friends. God bless.


That’s an awesome tribute. Thanks for sharing it!