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RIP Steve Dillon


Warren Ellis just confirmed his passing on Twitter.


From Peter Milligan:



F*cking hell :cry:


What the hell? I had no idea he was ill.

What a great artist. Huge loss.

Dillon and Darwyn Cooke the same year…that hurts.


Holy crap. That’s unexpected. He wasn’t very old and was actively working on the new Punisher series.


I don’t know if he was; he was the current artist on Punisher, there was an issue out last week.


Does anyone know what happened?


This is just horrible news. Such a great storyteller.


This is heartbreaking. His work on Punisher with Garth Ennis (Welcome Back Frank in particular) is what got me into comics.


He was at NY Comic Con two weeks ago too.


He was supposed to be at Thought Bubble in a few weeks too.


Such a huge loss.



Damn. He will be sorely missed; he was an artist with a unique voice. There was nobody who could work facial expressions the way he could. I don’t know if Preacher could’ve wormed with any other artist.

Also, no City Lights ever now. Shit.


Steve was one of the first artists whose work I recognised and could distinguish from others. His work on Judge Dredd is some of my favourite JD - especially “Cry of the Werewolf”. Similarly, the stories may not have been up to much, but he elevated Rogue Trooper and Harlem Heroes with his art.

I never cared for his superhero art - it felt such a poor fit for his style, so I sadly never got to enjoy much of his work these last few years.

But, his work with Ennis on Hellblazer, Preacher, and Punisher will forever be special to me. And, fondly remembered.

I can’t believe he’s gone.

My condolences to his family and friends.



Holy…what the hell?

I can’t believe this. He has been such a part of the fanbases I’ve known since I began comics.
This is an enormous loss, but he’s had such a solid career so he lives on in that way.

I wish his family every last comfort.


Jesus. I’m dumb struck. His art has been pretty much a constant my entire life. I’m unusually lost for words.


2016 really sucks. It’s not just people getting older, too many before their time, and while it upsets me as a fan it can only be worse for collaborators like Mark or Garth who have a personal relationship.


Sad news and a real shock.

He leaves behind an impressive body of work.


Felt the need to post this. It’s in my top 3 covers of all time.


Fucking hell. I need a minute to take this in.