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RIP Patrick Macnee


Another great has left us. Effortlessly suave and cool.

I know people will always remember him for Avengers, but I also loved his supporting role in A View To A Kill - the best thing in the movie by far.



I idolised him as a kid!!



Another actor who seemed immortal. He made Steed a cultural icon.


Wow, didn’t realise he was that old.

Sad news but a hell of a run.


Sad news.

He was a wonderful actor.


Great guy. Fun actor. R.I.P.


I’ve been a huge fan of his for so long. He will be missed


He was awesome. Steed was the anti-James Bond.
I’ve got so many good memories of watching The Avengers as a kid. RIP


Man that’s terrible. Growing up in the 80’s he seemed to turn up in all of my favourite shows, if even for only an episode. And he had that very distinctive voice as well. He will certainly be missed.


I’ve seen that point made by a few people, Steed had all the style of James Bond but not the sexism and a lot less of the violence.

I love Bond, but Steed’s a much better role model.


I remember reading somewhere that, having been in the war and didn’t much like guns, he decided to shed the more violent aspects of Steed’s character early on. While Steed was originally the more cynical sidekick character, carried a gun, and wore a trenchcoat, Patrick MacNee turned him into something a bit more romantic, threw away the gun and turned him into the dandy we know and love.