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RIP Lemmy from Motörhead


Fuck, man. I knew he was having a rough go of things lately, but damn. RIP to a God among us.


Aww damn. Legendary guy. Terrible news.


Damn, that sucks.





Hearing the news is weird, Lemmy was a larger than life figure, damn R.I.P Lemmy!


RIP, I am in shock.


Apparently he had cancer, which I don’t recall hearing before—only that his health wasn’t great and he was cancelling gigs. Maybe this was common knowledge and I missed it.


Damn! Just sat down in the pub for MNF. Think we’ll get good and proper drunk. RIP


*more slow whistling. This time it’s Silver Machine.


Aw, dammit. We knew he was sick. He was good friends with a good friend of mine, so I sorrow for the loss.


The cancer diagnosis is new news to me. Sounds like it was a very recent diagnosis from what I’ve read.


The Guardian says he was only diagnosed on Boxing Day, so died only a couple of days later.

Edit: Here’s the band statement:


Shit. I was never a huge Motorhead fan, but Lemmy was a pivotal and fun figure in the rock and metal scenes. He had a great sense of humour to boot.


“The devil didn’t make me do it. I did it… Whatever I did” - Lemmy Kilmister


RIP Lemmy.


While it is sad it’s not a huge surprise to hear of his passing. Recent stories made it obvious his health was failing and even when I saw the band five years ago it was clear he was not a fully fit man - while playing he was absolutely ferocious, a real powerhouse, but when he was doing the between song chat and leaving the stage it was clear he was physically frail. I had been planning on having a dry night tonight but I’m going to pour a drink and raise my glass to the man.



Motörhead drummer: The band ‘is over, of course’ after Lemmy’s death

That’s difficult to argue.


A great tribute: