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RIP Gareth Thomas, Blake from Blake's 7


Sad news this morning hearing that Gareth Thomas, who played Roj Blake in Blake’s 7 has passed away. Condolences to his family and friends.


Sad one personally for me.

Gareth Thomas married a girl who lived in the opposite house from me (he met her as a BBC makeup artist, which she still does and I see her credit on Doctor Who to this day - Sheelagh Wells).

He was often around when they were visiting her mother and we’d see him in the corner shop and my dad would have a chat and got on well with him.

So rest in peace Mr Thomas it was great having a spaceship commander around the street now and again when you are a primary school age kid with a big imagination.


It was a show I loved as a kid, very dark and British and (like Dr Who) designed well above it’s budget.

Thomas did fine work as Roj Blake. He was missed when he left the show, despite Paul Darrow also doing a brilliant job in a totally different way.

‘Blakes 7’ is a cult show, but the good thing about that is that the “cultists” make sure it’s remembered, and introduced to more people as the years go on. Thomas has a legacy that will continue.



I’m really not liking this year at all so far. Sad news indeed. Blakes 7 was a great show.


I’m only hearing about this.

Blake 7 has always stood the test of time for me in terms of drama. Roj was a big hero of mine as a child watching repeats. I think I’ll have to hoke my dvds out for a watch. Just constant legends passing away this year.


The last episode of Blake’s 7 is one of my earliest persistent TV memories. RIP


Here’s a nice tribute to Gareth Thomas and Blake’s 7 by Philip Reeve: