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RIP Comic Artist Paul Ryan


He is probably best known for the oft-maligned 1990s Fantastic Four run but I’ve always liked his stuff quite a lot, including his work on that run.

He worked with Millar at DC very very early in Mark’s career, too.

66 is too young.


Truly sad. I always enjoyed his art and his dedication to his craft.



He was one of my favourite artists - his style was clean and reserved, but could still show action and drama well. His use of photographs in backgrounds for cover was really cool too.
I was reading Quasar recently and wondering what he was up to now (The Phantom daily strip, I think).


I added some clarification to the title as the comic artist was not who I initially thought of.


I wouldn’t say RIP for the other one.


Not implying you would. Though either would be no less traject as both are too young, it does change the expectation.


One of my favorite artists back in the day. Mostly remember his run on Quasar.


I don’t think he ever missed a deadline or had a fill-in on his Fantastic Four run and that included a huge #400 issue.


Pretty shocking. I also had no idea how old he was (though I guess that’s as good a secret in comics as any). Loved his work on Superman and Flash. He’ll be missed.


Found on the Byrne Robotics forums:


It was devastating news to say the least, Paul was a creator I cherished since I was 12.
My first comic from him was DP7#2(I still own the same copy), since then I backtracked and followed his work.
Paul to me was something to study, I mean hell his panel layout skills were so damn interesting.
Apparently he was barely late with his work.

Cherish his work and legacy.


I was contacted on Twitter about Paul Ryan, someone saw my Tweets and actually posted some art I was not expecting to see! He met Paul Ryan at his house in 95 to buy this piece, DP7#1’s cover with the original logo before it changed!


thanks Robert , GD google